What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Math Major (Mathematics Major)

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In this video I’m talking about all the things I wish I knew before becoming a math major. I hope this video will help you sort some things out!

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Rezheen10 says:

I really fit into the naive category you described that might have no idea what he/she is getting into. I'm taking calc II this semester in college and although not too nervous about it (because calc I in my opinion was easier than precalc) but like you said might be the calm before the storm, so I try to take the positive things even if math isn't the right path for me. I know a physics major requires all three calculus courses and not anything beyond math wise if I'm correct. Business, finance and economics degrees require calculus. So for math students like me who might not be aware of the difficulty that might be later on, I think we can still use the courses that we've passed for other majors if things don't go smoothly.

Venom says:

May I know which field of Math should I opt for understanding the deep concepts of Mathematics

Ronnie Sokha says:

I wholeheartedly agree with this video. I recently graduated with a general math degree, and I only wish I had chose a focus such as stats, comp. sci., etc. Because math is so broad, I am having a hard time obtaining a job and have only received offers for teaching positions — which doesn't fit my interest at this time. Now, I find myself studying a programming language on my own in order to make myself a more appealing candidate in the job market. It's cool we are brainiacs, but if you can't apply it anywhere, it will be a challenge to find a job. Best of luck to all the mathletes out there!

Sadeq Irfan says:

You are saying people should take a look at mathematic literature befor they get into it. What do you mean by mathematic literature? And where can I fine 'em? I am about to start a degree that might end up in a maths major. I haven't decided whether to choose physics or major.

Kevin C says:

The thing is it's very hard to find a job with a Bachelor's in Mathematics, in my case i majored in Statistics. I went on hundreds of interviews and wasn't able to even land a job. In my opinion, it's not the best degree in the job market.

Armin says:

Hi I'm in my last year of high school and I love maths and the way it sees the world and I'm in a dilemma. I want to deal with cryptography, artifical intelligence (maybe do research) and don't know which course I should go for. I was thinking about computer science or applied maths. I know for sure in the future I'll need higher level of mathematics, but I don't know if applied mathematics bachelor's worth it.

Tuaigets DJ says:

So true bro

isaacl says:

I've been studying Computer Science since the beginning of the semester (in Brazil there aren't majors or minors, so we just choose right from the beginning what we'd like to do), but everyday I realize that CS isn't as fun or interesting as I thought it'd be. On the other hand, I've discovered that I truly like mathematics, which I didn't like at all back in high school, because of the way it was taught. I've been doing great on my Calculus tests and I've been reading and watching things about other areas of mathematics. I think I'll take a proof-based math class next semester in order to see if I am truly interested in mathematics as I think I am and wait until the end of the year to realize if I want to stay on CS. Thanks for the videos about math, I believe they'll help me to choose by the end of the year if I want to be a math major or not.

Dreamcrusher - MKV says:

So I'm in high school and college and I have a couple of college classes behind me and seemed to do well in other classes but I really excelled in college algebra and I don't see myself going for anything else but a math degree. I would like to join the Air Force after college and try to go with aviation but I'm unsure with major would benefit me the most. Right now I'm listed as general studies but I will have to declare a major soon any tips or pointers I need to know before I jump right in. Thanks.

Dayzee Gee says:

I'm barely in College Algebra and I grew up disliking math like most people but over the past few years I've been learning to love it more and more. I would REALLY like to major in math and become a professor of math but I'm scared I won't make it through because of how difficult it might be. But I can't see myself studying anything else at this point because I have this hunger to learn math that I can't even explain. Do you think I have to be naturally smart for it or can it be done with a lot of motivation and hard work? I'm definitely willing to put in all the time I need to.

Dave M. says:

That there is nothing wrong with majoring in math just because you find ot interesting. After graduating I found that it helped me to find jobs as a programmer even though the math I learned In college was rarely used

Tristan14578 says:

Yeah this is what I noticed too. I was working overtime at my job each week. Once the real math classes started I stopped working so much and had tutors from India and China. I still have no idea what focus I want. I’m thinking computational seeing as I work with computers

Adam Dahlén says:

Fuck courses just read spivak the rudin instead of "calculus" classes.

Jerry Esque says:

Wow. This is exactly what I figured out after I graduated with my math degree. After calculus, it became very rigorous and abstract. Also, resources for tutors were almost nonexistent at that point. The biggest help for me was like you said, visiting the professor for help or study groups with other math colleagues. It can feel misleading as a math major when you enjoy algebra and calculus, and then move on to real analysis and abstract algebra. A drastic style change in problem solving I'd say

Rafał Burdzy says:

They mention about abstract algebra on ''Socratica'' channel, but just a bit.
Thank you for a video and have a great day.

Yo /ዮ go says:

Hello from Ethiopia

Shachar H says:

American universities are weird.

Where I live mathematics B.A. curriculum has rigorous courses from semester 1. You don't take the usual "calculus" courses at all. Rather our calculus courses are divided to types – calculus a, calculus b etc, s.t. the 'a' courses are for math majors and there are 3-4 of them. They cover the material of other calculus courses but they're rigorous from the start, covering also the material of an introductory analysis course.

Same goes for linear algebra – we get our variant of the courses that are designed for math majors, we take those instead of the usual courses, in the 1st year.
Also in some unis you have to take an introductory course on set theory and logic in the first semester.

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