Two-way wings, not point guards, most important position in the NBA – Max Kellerman | First Take

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Max Kellerman, Ryan Hollins and Domonique Foxworth debate which position is the most important for a championship caliber NBA team, a point guard or a two-way wing. #FirstTake
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DHD95 says:

I love you Max…But Ryan is here, so hold this dislike.

Ama Jang says:

The guy on the left is so annoying. You ain't Stephen A. so are not qualified to sigh that much when Max is talking you 're wrong. smh

Allen Zhang says:


Maui Robinson says:

Isaiah Thomas

pakman4K says:

Molly gone and y'all on Ryan Hollis. Don't forget who the true enemy is!

Mathew Alvarez says:

I hate this black guy his head ugly

Johnson Thomas says:

So we gonna push out short ppl from basketball now ? Wtf

Geonte Ballard says:

A what is a Port Guard?
B Russell has 1 MVP lmao

Dave Cebrero says:

point guard isn't defined by size but one who is the floor general and orchestrates the offense. LeBron is and has always been the floor general on his teams.


the best position, is the position your best player is playing

Ibrahim Mokero says:

Ryan hollins is getting better at this

Wind 50 says:

Why is Ryan Hollins on this show? Nobody cares about his opinion and he has no knowledge for the game

Louis Williams says:

That chart said Russ had 2 MVPs…Just shows you how they try to lie to get their point across

Brayden Slater says:

Why is Ryan Hollins the stupidest mother fucker ever

cocoy bibit says:

Ryan Hollins is the guy who goes into KFC and orders a Big Mac

19th SouthEastDc says:

Somebody shoot Ryan hollins plzzzz

yassine houes says:

stephen a smith closing out the video was better than everything ryan said smh bring him back and ryan GTFO

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