Javad Zarif, Foreign Minister, Iran – BBC HARDtalk

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HARDtalk’s Zeinab Badawi is in New York for a rare interview with Iran Foreign Minister Javad Zarif who is attending high level talks at the UN. Hostilities between Iran and the US are at a historic high; recently, President Trump said he was ‘ten minutes away from war with Tehran’. Could the two countries stumble into a war? And is Iran raising the stakes in the Persian Gulf after Washington tore up the nuclear deal last year?


amin b says:

how pathetic the west is

Shengyou Lin says:

Iran is lucky to have this Foreign Minister. This lady has exactly same habit as President Trump in the way of talking to people, only trying to interrupt.

Heezy Fosheezy says:

This bitch is just a complete bimbo probably gets gangbanged by elites backstage

Yahya Asgharnia says:

حاج اقا جواد عزيز ، ماكه مى دانيم اسرائيل و امريكا در كجا و با چه شرايطى متولد شدند ، قدرت وزور گوئى اشان بر هيچكسى پوشيده نيست …!
در بحرانى ترين دوران ايران بيش از حد دشمنانى چون امريكا واسرائيل ما زالو صفتانى لواسان نشبن داريم كه خون ابن ملت را در دوران تحريم وحشتناك مكيدند..!
همين امروز مى خواندم وزير بهداشت اعلام كرد كه بعضى از مسئولين ارز دولتى براى دوا و لوازم پزشكى گرفتند و در عوض كابل برق صنعتى وارد كردند..!
اساسآ گويا اختلاسگران و دزدان داخلى ما قدرتشان براى از پا در اوردن اين ملت محروم و مظلوم از امريكا و اسرائيل و عربستان صعودى بيشتره .
غم انگيزه نه؟

Pascal Soucy says:

He is right, it is no solution to allow US "unilateralism" i.e. bullying to dictate our own decision, only to allow a few rich companies to have no worries.  The governements could protect these companies from american bullying… it is the only real solution to put an end to this injustice.  I am ashamed of Canada an European allies these days.

akhlak hussain says:

this bloody lady need to learn A to Z everything

Ben Sepp says:

Mr. Zarif

Why won't you ever be interviewed by Iranian freelance journalists who have been deported just because of some political disagreements with your leader? I'm sure you'll be asked some hard questions in which you will answer stuttering and start crying in front of the camera.
Just listen to Iranian health minister today: "two million euros, which was earmarked to buy/import has been used to imported electricity cables, by some of powerful corrupt persons. The minister twitted recently that one billion(milliard) and three hundred million US dollars earmarked for importing critical has been disappeared).

Isaiah ASATOU says:


Rahi says:

Love the last sentence , "but we will not sell our DIGNITY"

syed abdul says:

Dead to Israel and usa

CHrOmA says:

Uk brick of start world war 3

Terrance Wilson says:

She just totally avoided the assumption that there is a country in the middle East. That without question possesses nuclear weapons. And she skipped over this obvious point. Showing that misguided blindness is at the heart of these current measures which perpetuates abnormal assessments in their course too target Iranians. Where there exist another country that is in violation of international law. Concerning the possession of a nuclear arsenal. As well even another country that is the leading sponsor of terrorism in the region.

xbxz says:

fuck iranian Terrorist Regim. jawad zareef is a TERRORIST agent , what the f..k is he doing in us?

Ntu Selala says:

the lady should learn to give space for the response. Her interruptions are disturbing.

1ngw9rd says:

i think the parliament should pass a law for Iranian officials to NOT TO talk to BBC in any form until they apologize and Pay for the damage they done to Iran with regards to 1953 staged coup and their undeniable Role in overthrowing our democratically elected government . I mean whats next , Direct talks with MI6 agents at the level of Foreign minister ? poor zarif had to sit there and school that hideous cunt for half an hour , what a pain in the ass.

ÁLPHAΩ says:

Why in God's name would you give Interview to a stat Owen news channel when they pirated an Oil tanker?! Would she Interview in the same retarded manner an American Politician? Zarif is way to soft for these times.

William Ronayne says:

Why do we need to know the name of the interviewer? Journalists should not be seen and should not be heard. Journalists trying to make their personality a part of the news is the main problem with the media.

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