3 steps to turn everyday get-togethers into transformative gatherings | Priya Parker

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Why do some gatherings take off and others don’t? Author Priya Parker shares three easy steps to turn your parties, dinners, meetings and holidays into meaningful, transformative gatherings.

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Mike Harrington says:

Don't like the artificiality of her constructs, I much prefer the concept of relaxing a group with some person(s) cultivating spontaneous interaction within the gathering. People overthink simple stuff.

Jacques Pasquinel says:

a "woman of color" can make a joke about "12 white men" and everyone laughs… Could you make the same joke about any other group and get away with it?

Paweł Ćwiertnia says:

Youtube nowy punkt zborczy 🙂 >>>>>>>>>>>> Youtube is a new gathering point, like a nowadays everything you do, you do it online 🙂 , isn't it? 🙂

QuantumFrost says:

Ha haa haaaaa white hahahah, funny punchline hahaha whiteee male bahaha

C S says:

Smells like teen spirit.

Hossein FaridNasr says:

"because human connection is as threatened by unhealthy peace as by unhealthy conflict." Well said!

wolfdwarf says:

"Hey, Let's turn this into a transformative gathering."
"Priya ffs we just want to have a beer…"

TheWanderer says:

this talk is MUCH better than the title suggests. the title almost prevented me from watching it.

justin taylor says:

Meghan markle

Tom Faranda says:

I don't know, mediocre. Not up to usual TED standards.

Aunty Mammalia says:

Kurt E. Clothier did make a point about minority opinion and social media. However, I think the umbrella theme of doing what you can, where and when you can and as much as you can, is worth noting, and I think a lot of people do that, in their own ways. Even if it's simply being yourself, where and when you can. And I think we can embrace tradition or we can start new traditions, or merge traditions, because everything and everyone wants to flourish, and even grow and evolve, in their own ways. And this runs across all classes, ages, colors, sizes, sexes and genders, etc. And even introverts go to gatherings, because humans are of a herd mentality, for good reason. We determine our own herds and behave accordingly. Some flourish and some stagnate, and we have a choice. And right now that choice seems to be stagnating in tradition or growing through change. Me, I like growing, and change is scary, but you grow.

Bob Frog says:

Can we simply enjoy some time without having to save the world, please!

Cindy Cripps-Prawak says:

Tiny powerful actions

dejavoodoochild says:

Desi bullshit

Spear Shaker says:

I thought she was gonna talk about witchcraft

Michelle Ottley says:

Culture etiquette is key

Faruk G says:

Lol I thought this was prince Harry's wife. Rachel Zane from Suits, don't remember her name irl

mmisbach says:

How to meaningfully connect with others. Embrace a specific disputable purpose. Cause good controversy. Unhealthy peace is just as bad as unhealthy conflict. Create a temporary alternative set of rules that facilitate productive discussion (ie first person to look at their phone buys dinner). The way we gather matters. #TEDTalk https://twitter.com/tedstalkin

robingrind says:

liked the topic, some good points in the speach. but today in our western pc culture there is no room left for "good controversy". you can see it in this very speech. non-white woman joking derogatory about white man: totally acceptable. white man joking derogatory about non-white women: you lose your job and get to court.

DarkRose says:

Good talk. also her outfit was liiiit

Mo Zealous says:

honestly i find those stories cringey

Kurt E. Clothier says:

Before the Facebook age of enlightenment, I would have agreed with your point on bringing up "risky" topics to spark discussion, but if you try to do that now, in any circle, and have a minority opinion, you will likely immediately be shutdown by the others and potentially ostracized by the rest of the group. Social media has really bolstered our personal biases because it's allowed us to live in echo chambers, believing that most people think like us, and people that don't are evil.

Corn 771 says:

We need Arabic translations

SuperAtheist says:

She has a point. The table should be white too.
Let's make it happen.

Divya Murugesan says:

Be yourself. Respect others for being themself. Life is Beautiful. ☺☺

ģiřûmę řoha says:

that i so inspire me dude

Sharp Design says:

Do you guys only do text version of talks on certain ones? I used to see links to text.

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