I Hired A $100 Logo Designer On Fiverr (Interesting Results)

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What can $100 buy you on Fiverr in terms of a logo design? Find out in todays video where I have gone ahead and paid $100 for a logo design, well actually I was delivered multiple logo designs, by a designer on Fiverr.

In this video we go over the service of the designer on Fiverr, as well as the deconstruction of the logo designs too. This video is a means to help other people better understand logo design, and what makes a logo relevant and successful in it’s own right. Fiverr is a place where you can buy logo designs at very low prices, but also there are people selling their services upwards into the hundreds and sometimes thousands. This video is dedicated to what I personally received when spending $100 on a Fiverr logo designer. I hope you enjoy it and maybe also find it informative, do let me know down below your thoughts on todays upload.

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Cody Leslie says:

2nd one had a lower approval rating than the 1st?

md:Abdul haque says:

In the 3rd loge he try to illistrate a circuit

Pradip Songara says:

Nece settings.Nice new style of presentation. And very important is very helpful deconstruction about logo.thanks

Ahmad Azab says:

#please_help , to be honest with you I don't know how to get even 1 client online, I did logo design for 2 local clients in my city, I tried freelancer.com, 99designs and after this video I even went to fiverr to see if I'm lucky there. But 3 days left and no one ordered anything. idk what is the problem I'm pretty sure my work isn't that bad, do you suggest any thing to do to get m first client? these are some of my logo designs: https://i.ibb.co/XxDQ0jt/work-collection.png

Timothy Lee says:

If your paying only $100 to design a logo? Yes, absolutely your wasting your money. What did you expect from fly by night Fiverr?

MoScript says:

Ok so i charge around £70 for a logo and now i feel confident raising my prices xD. Great video!

Yuri Radavchuk says:

I'm not a fan of emphasis on the 'certified' word. The business sell domains and adds certificates to the website if it's compliant. Therefore it's all off for me

Sanwoolu Tolu says:

Nice Video
Please make more videos like this

Jayson Chanchico says:

you should try $100 logo at 99designs 😀

Isah Yazid says:

Fiverr is for kids

Pietro Antelmi says:

What is the font at 7:00 ??? I love that R

Martin Heiselberg says:

Maybe I missed the point of this video. But why didn’t you spend any time finding the right candidate for the job? As I recall you said you just selected the first candidate you found, who offered logo design for 100 dollars.

Any real business should spend time to find the right candidate for the job. Not just grab the first person who will do it within the budget/time frame.

I think your critique of the logos is fair – as a designer it is super easy to critique a logo, but you were constructive and didn’t butcher the work.
I would have loved for you to do a few revisions with the designer to see if he/she would have made a good logo in the end.

Keep up the good work 🙂

yoursincerefriend says:

good video but i would say with great regret that nowadays preposterous things happens on client sides.they like to have childish things in their logos like thin lined images,imbalanced weighed typography etc .It becomes so frustrated to one who follow the classic rules of designing.

Karen Estevané says:

I love this kind of videos. You can learn from other people's mistakes. Thanks for the video 😀

alejandro jimenez says:

I'm going to add those hand movements of yours to my logo design

Mã Minh says:

i love you man, thanks for the nice video

Osamakamil Kamil says:

Love all video

Spiderone says:

I feel like logo 3, though he had flaws, was the best. I'm thinking about the design system you could create around this logo and it could be really strong. Just a few tweaks needed on the logo though

Edit: I like your version as well, I think it should be mirrored horizontally though, so the bars convey an upgoing curve, not going down statistics.

KING 27 says:

Bro you are just awesome

Cassius Allen says:

Because I am such an expert logo designer (not). I just wanted to say that for the first one, I would have had the bars escalate from left to right – showing a rise. Instead of what was shown – showing a decrease.

Daniel Bamberger says:

11:30 The designs you got weren't good. However, looking at your revision of logo #3, my first thought was "why are my stocks going down?" The bars in the square make a chart. And it's pointing down. I know you're not a financial broker, but a domain broker, but if I'm into money then sinking prices isn't what sells a product to me. Just a thought…

skaterfugater says:

well to be fair you only always alter their logo a bit. so all the creativity comes from them. can you come up with a better logo? maybe but you didnt show. if you just change the logo you get than you did get what you wanted for your money.
i understand this is hypothetical but still.

Tushar More says:

I liked this series it's really helpful to understand the thought process behind the logo design…Plz do more such videos

Sham Ramachandran says:

I don't agree with your sans serif choice for the first logo. You can go sans but make sure it's a modern sans serif. The one you chose looks colonial.

Truesilverful says:

For a designer, you should know how to frame a shot. I felt anxiety looking at it. Other than that, great content.

Envy Creative says:

Awesome content Tom! On the last one I was really hoping you'd keep the type indented into the square, but fill the square and remove the border for a more material design. Love your channel!!

Proud Indian says:

All of your logos kinda look the same. The last one just needs a little colour correction.

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