How YouTube's Trending Tab Works

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The Trending feed is a single list of what videos are new and popular on YouTube in a viewer’s country. Some trends are predictable, like a new song from a popular artist, or a new movie trailer, while others are completely surprising. Therefore, we aim to combine popularity with novelty. This list considers view count (especially the rate of growth in views), where views are coming from, and many other signals. Therefore, the video with the highest daily view count may not necessarily be #1 on Trending.

Trending now also includes Creator On the Rise and Artist On The Rise, where each week, up-and-coming creators and artists will be featured for a full day. Learn more in our blog post.


• Consider making broadly appealing, shareable videos. These could help you to reach new fans who might not yet know your channel.

• Keep up your channel’s momentum. Creators and Artists are eligible for On The Rise based on subscriber level (starting at 1K subs – Opal level), as well as metrics such as videos uploaded, growth in views. and growth in subscribers.

• See how often your videos appear on the trending tab by looking at YouTube Analytics Traffic sources report, clicking the ‘Browse features’ link, and looking at the data for ‘Trending’.

MYTH: “Channels get preferred placement and can buy a spot on Trending.”

TRUTH: Trending is never a paid placement. It shows content that has broad appeal.

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Bintang Toboali BS CHANNEL says:

Thanks information

Lyrics Buddy says:

EEW that eyes>>>>>>>

Denarrdo Fontenot says:

I was just looking at trending .FAKE FAKE FAKE,JUST SAYING.FAKE ALGORITHM

resq2 says:

"How YoutTube's Trending Tab Works" Answer: It doesn't

Wanja01 says:


German Trending Tab: tUrKisH mOviEs

Dexta Vahri says:

You mean staff picks?

ThatOneHawk says:

You guys misread the script, it's how the YouTube Trending Tab doesn't work

CooDex Gaming says:

Spoiler Alert:

It doesn't work

OatCaster CH says:

I'am love youtube

Efisio Cross | Orchestral says:

thank you! God bless!

rjd a says:

'new song from popular musicians'
Random rap song getting 500k in 3 days: Trending
Pewdiepie video getting 5million in 1 days: N O

머법관 says:

Ewwww That freaking eyes. I hate those D:

Kim B, that's me says:

What about a video that was on trending and then y'all just made it disappear and a LOT of people notice this? Today is 12-May-2019, this video came out on the 10th and I'm 99.9% sure you know which/who I'm talking about.

Viral On YouTube says:

What about Songs Reaction Videos.. YouTube always give copyright to prevent that?

gamer Tv says:

congrats pew…not treding according to youtube…has almost 100Milviews in a month…hmmm

blxck pxrxde. says:

all that's on the trending page is fucking pop music videos, snl, news, and clickbait. occasionally a video that has something to do with billie eilish, that's the only thing that isn't trash. the same things are on trending. literally nothing is original, and it's the same youtubers over and over . so much for you tube.

Arezki Oudachène says:

In Algeria, it's not rigged!
it seems like what's trending is actually what's on trending…
so you have videos with high numbers, usually all about the same sport or political event.. you can have like 20 videos in a row all talking about say… the president's resignation or an algerian football game in the world cup, or latest celebrity that passed away… etc
Often music videos by arab or french singers top the page with significantly more views than the rest..
the point is; it feels real, legit, unbiased, untouched..

NightFakhriYT says:

My country (Indonesia)’s trending tab is full of K-POP and Indonesian memes
They suck in general.

Philip Mccullagh says:

Trending is doing my fucking head in

Muhammed Izzeddin says:

All fake! There are videos getting on this list with only 100k views but a video with 2million views in 2 h is disabled?

Michelle Jackson says:


Gabriel Caro says:

Oh yeah, you guys toooootally take into account views!! and I suppose that’s why you didn’t include PewDiePie’s Congratulations video on trending page despite that it had over 5 million likes and over 30 million views in one days. It’s now at 85 mil btw. Screw you and your trending page YouTube.

Browntwig says:

I’m here because most videos don’t deserve to be there.

TUMPOI creative says:

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TUMPOI creative says:

tanks for you
you like me

kurblaNS says:

lol according to youtube trending, at least 30% of US population is gay

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