All Sports Baseball Battle | Dude Perfect

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Why play just one sport when you can play ALL SPORTS!
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Timothy Nelson says:

Coby WILL WIN. I know it


dude perfect's rules are always simple

Aidan Yun says:

Coby: Guys my spidy senses are tingling, it’s time for my second trophy!
(Nearly slips)
Me: Maybe not

Terrance WK says:

Dudes rock!

Galaxy S9 says:

1 like equals 1 win for Ty

Henry Skinner says:

Cory all the way

Nicholas Carlin says:

Dude they put so much effort into their videos I love it

MeMeZ_Flextape _ says:

Little did Cody know he would hit inside the park

andyru786 roblox player says:

No matter what i have hope and power coby will soon be a king ONCE AGAIN and hes 200 million times better than me at every thing

Theresa Banta-Martin says:

10:59 when McDonald's finally gets my order right for the first time

Mr Beast says:

It’s killing me when they hit golf balls with beast x and ghost x ahhh stop

Yul Hur says:

This is the second time Garett lost to one of the twins

Anime Animation says:


Luca Tuttocuore says:

Purple hoser

Solomon Tanner says:

Hey dude perfect you guys rock my friend told me about you and no offense to the others but Coby is my favorite I know he doesn’t win much but he is cool

Evan Heffelfinger says:

anyone else see the football just disappear at 4:50

Joshua Howard says:

I hate Corey he even looks retarted coby is way better

TSM Pukey says:

Did somebody count how many times Cory said let’s go

yeil jin says:

For my opinion Tyler is the best
Cody second best
Garret third best
Coby fourth best
And Cory the last, Cory is sucker

Zeeb Beeb says:

Annoying guys

toxicTUNASツ says:

Subscribe to toxic Tunaes

陰毛為佳 says:


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