BREAKING NEWS – 7.1 magnitude earthquake reported near Los Angeles | KABC News Coverage

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Sur man says:

can you see the threangle in left?

tdunlopmusic says:

God hates Democrats

Josiah Hernandezz says:

come help me, Donald Trump, send a helicopter

Josiah Hernandezz says:

next week is going to be a 6.0 earthquake I'm so scared I'm in Selma i have a little dog and four big dogs help plz send a helicopter 1907 Barbra st

Franaflyby says:

I'm in Utah.. This earthquake was causing my chandelier to sway back and forth. This was a strong quake.
Prepare by getting food and water because the government will not help you if they are not there.

Franaflyby says:

God will return soon. He's giving us so many warnings through all the natural disasters lately.
Wake up!!
Give your ❤️ heart to God.. Repent and be saved.
Fear is a liar…

L. G. says:

A 6.4 was follow up with a 7.1.. now what if it breaks the mold next time this world will be doomed

L. G. says:

I'm not all religious but I DO believe in God..I don't think he is happy with this world, and California is being discipline by God right now . In peril..these people on the news know little of what's REALLY to expect. This entire world will be over. I just hope the Creator have mercy on us humans. Straight up

brentonrx says:

learn to swim

Rose Tyner says:

Sorry but LA is 150 miles or more away from Ridgecrest! The got a ripple and that was that!

Robert Hendrych says:

These earthquakes are signs of labour pains before the BIG earthquake hits hard. God bless and good luck!!!!!!!!

i love India says:

India cancel 114 fighter jets … bc India looking 100 5th generation fighter jet…

Aplus series Aewedipie says:

I am a researcher from india.According to my research magnitude more than 8.5 is near in future about 1 to 2 yrs

Plant Planet Earth says:

If these are only "slide" earth movements, then this may be a prelude to a major shift.

Alasdair Hicks says:

Who else watched this all the way thru lol

Dorth Surreal says:

And Trump is stamping his feet and pulling his 2 inches over a WALL? Ppl.are dying and the Orange Anus dosent care. 7.8? Fake News.

ExtractsDad - says:

Zion caused this madness

Rembuden says:

Hope everyone's OK in California.

WhatsTheStory Girl says:

I have cousin who lives near Huntington Beach. I cant seem to get hold of them. Can anyone tell me if that has been hit and what is happening? Are people getting evacuated from sthn Cal yet? how bad is it? Stay safe everyone. Stock up on water especially as when the power goes out so does the water. Fill up bathtubs etc whilst there is water. stock up on food. Better to be safe then sorry later on.

karen turner says:

Usgs you are usbs! Talking heads is what you are…stop the narrative eqs cannot be are all idiots…and tell me please why don’t you record eqs in Oregon…talking heads that’s all you are! Not professional and extremely uneducated..stop intimidating people who know more and are honest without agenda.

Heriberto Hidalgo says:

Yooo..listen from BORON keep fkn drilling..20 minutes from ridgcrest…smh…consequences

Cut Is a roll says:

I pray for u all, i gave family too in los angels

Steve Wright says:

we felt it in las vegas about for 10 seconds did anybody else feel it in vegas

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