Iran threatens retaliation after UK seize Iranian oil tanker

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On Friday, Iran threatened to seize a British ship after Royal Marines captured an Iranian supertanker. Fox News’ Lucas Tomlinson and William Ruger, vice president for research and policy at Charles Koch Institute, react to the threat and the rising tensions between the U.S. and Iran.

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Robert Romeo says:

O b s every time Trump tries to set the tune the Liberals change the tone

Reuben Jones says:

its good for global economy to suppress another economy? i guess iran is just some spaceship of aliens who dont live on this globe….

Tariq says:

If America ever does go to war with Iran, I hope they realize that the Iranian civilians are at 0 blame and should keep their sovereignty immediately after the government is overthrown, and as such there should be a REAL democratically held election in which I am 100% sure the Iranian people would elect a democratic/un-Islamic leader. The majority of the Iranian people do NOT like or agree with the government. I have spoken with many natives in English and their language Persian on the topic

Arex Stew says:

Go ahead Iran. Try the US. See what happens.

mark nesbitt says:

The press is treating Iran like a misbehaving child, put them in a timeout then sit down and explain what they are doing wrong

Brian Sale says:

Americans are holding back medicine from Iran, killing people, but they do not think this is a war crime? Of coarse it isn"t because they do it at home. Home sweet home, American pie. Take a guess what the filing is in that pie, hint I would not eat it.

Alex Fisher says:

Fox talks “peace” but their support of Trump will result otherwise.

Goofy Gabs says:

A threat? Don’t you think it was a bit threatening to seize their own oil tanker?

Alex Fisher says:

So Obama’s deal effectively worked until Trump and Bolton get in, pull out of the deal, and all of a sudden Iran is acting up again and the situation is escalating.

Jopri' Bashan says:

here we go again. the whites are stealing again and celebrating about being thieves..

Reuben Jones says:

i love how fox news is showing old video footage from the previous war in iraq to make people in america think they are actual current footage of iran, i remember these same videos from back then.

taburdine1 says:

There is a war coming in August

Vijay Sankaranarayanan says:

America is acting like a bully! Iran never violated the nuclear agreement, Trump and US did!

Perpetual Student says:

How many pounds of TnT do you think he has underneath his hat?

LibertyMatrix says:

Trump is the master negotiator!

keith johnson says:

Come on Iran. Get yourselves some real leaders

Robert Romeo says:

Iran's threatening to take a British tanker you mess with the Bristol come over and try to take a country away from you us Americans already know this that's the why we celebrate 4th of July

Living Infernus says:

The year is 2019. National defense is now illegal.

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