Beginners Yoga for Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, ASMR

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In this Yoga video workout, Katrina Repman shares a yoga routine designed for deep relaxation
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#Beginners #Yoga for #Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Deep Relaxation, Sleep, Stress Relief, ASMR

In this Yoga video workout, Katrina Repman shares a yoga routine designed for deep relaxation, help with sleep problems, severe anxiety and panic attacks. Improve your mood and find your calm center with Katrina!

Katrina Repman teaches Yoga classes in Austin, Texas.

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PsycheTruth says:

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Guru Dan says:

You really helped me. I was diagnosed with PTSD about 3 years ago. Like many, I just laughed it off and self medicated .it got worse. Your simple excercise helped me calm right down. Thank you xxc

Arianna - says:

I am currently going through a bad break up and suffering from so much anxiety and depression I thought I’d give this a try to help me feel relaxed and won’t lie at first I still felt jitters through out my body then I started to feel relaxed even to the point I almost fell asleep!

nanu Dahal says:

Thank you so much.. It really works for me..

Montez Brown says:

I love her work yo it help me lol

aman dawande says:

Panic attack are kill me Daily at night unsleep

Nader Nikmorad says:

Hi I haven't watched your video yet but a bit ,when I panicked there was no chance at all to do these postures at all in this calm way except to run out of the door ,walk ,and take medicine and call some one, I felt you haven't panicked that hard before

꧁ Defacto ꧂ says:

You helped me get out of my anxiety attack when my meds weren’t doing it. I am so so so grateful. I will do this everyday. I hope my anxiety goes away completely.

Mentioning to be mindful of breathing and just let thoughts go as they please is something I’ve never heard before. But it works. Thank you so much.

Anna Marie Vivar says:

this is the only video that made me cry. and its the first time i was able to let go since i started experiencing anxiety attacks. thank you! it was liberating ❤️

dani98038 says:

Really helpful video. Thank you <3

Cela C says:

Thank you Katrina for being so kind, loving, compassionate & caring. You embody so much kindness & love in your voice & being. Just hearing your voice is so healing, thank you so much & you're greatly appreciated for what you do <3

James Kurnik says:

Wow what a powerful released. Like being on a cloud. Good video

Anna M says:

See this sux because I can lay flat because I have vertigo if I lay flat everything spins and I would love to do this yoga

Sasha Playz says:

Thank you! This has calmed me down . I love the child pose.

Maurizio Oronzo says:

Thank you !

estefania dimarco says:

I’ve been having anxiety attacks lately everyday but this video did helped me out thank you !

Sharon McAnulty says:

After a day full of anxiety and panic this video finally helped me feel calm for the first time today, thank you ❤️

Regina Lynn says:

Great to see you again,it's been a while, LOVE you , looking forward to more of you

amy stephenson says:

You did such a good job comforting through the yoga. Anxiety and panic attacks are scary and I had been in panic for hours and hours. Thank you so much for this.

ProwseOfficial says:

Thank you 🙂

Elizabeth Alcantar says:

Thank you is all I will say you're an angel sent from heaven. May god bless you.

Danielle Gose says:

Wow, this was wonderful!! I can't thank you enough Katrina!!! I have been dealing with anxiety lately and it's caused horrible insomnia. My chest is tight and I can feel adrenaline and some nights I never feel like I get into a complete sleep. I am having anxiety today and just did this video. I feel quite a bit more calm and centered!

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