How I Became A Graphic Designer Without A Degree

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I wasn’t always good at graphic design, in fact I sucked! This is my story of how I became a graphic design without a degree. I had a hard time filming this video since I’m not very good at talking about myself ,but I hope it inspires other graphic designers in some way. I’ve been a graphic designer for over 12 years now and I don’t regret it for a second. I hope this video inspires other creatives to not let a degree stop them from pursuing a career in the graphic design field.

Hard work pays off 110% of the time. Keep Creating and Keep Being Awesome! I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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Gel Nicolas says:

60% of that story is as similar as mine. Good one bro.

Jalin Askew says:

I’m a graphic designer myself and I’ve been struggling on landing a job in my field because I only have an associates degree. Most companies are looking for people with a bachelors or higher. But this video really speaks to me because I thought I would never find a job in my field so I kinda gave up on designing but with the support of my friends and my girlfriend I’ve found my niche in designing. I always thought having a degree defines how your career/life will be but his video really opened my eyes. I appreciate you sharing this and you’re an inspiration! I’d love to talk with your more about designing if that’s okay with you. Keep grinding and making great content man.

United Destiny Entertainment says:

Great Video and all truth!

Pazzoid says:

Hidden on the "feline" artwork on the wall

shiblu hyder says:

Very inspirational video! Thanks a lot for making this video & sharing with us your story.

Trav taylor says:

Thats a garyvee shirt???… awesome!!!!

TRAZoriginal says:

Actually the music sounds good lol

nybigpapi says:

I'm thinking of becoming a designer but how do I get started this the first time seeing your video

Blazej Senthendryl says:

Thank you very much for this video! It's inspiring. But the work is up on us. More trying and less searching for videos how to do something. Youtube can be inspiring but sometimes is very time wasting.

Joshybear says:

Very cool video, I'm happy for your success! I'm now 23 and have been drifting since I dropped out of college. Like you in High school I loved design and did our yearbook covers and some YouTube gaming stuff haha. I was always told art wasn't a real job, yada yada, but it really messed with me and I stopped designing altogether until just last year. I'd definitely like to be in your position eventually!


Respect Bro, can share some Resource with us Anything you Learn From it Graphic Desgin Or Just Realted with Graphic Design Thanks a lot

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