Extremely funny Indian TV Ads (7BLAB) – Part 4

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The 4th video compilation in the series of extremely funny Indian TV ads.


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Last bala best ….

Asad Afandi says:

some of chutiaest ads

Shaan Bak Bak says:

Sir me apki video ke kuch short video lena chahata hu please don't minde

Eklavya 11 says:

Tum log rat ko karte ho?

Prranjal Shrivaastav says:

Manforce sounds like a tractor and not a condom.


More like extreamly cringy indian ads

Inside pages says:

Why are Aquawhite ads always dirty.

ash rbw says:

It shud be like extremely booring adds..

Tech Expert 2.0 says:

Thumbnail wala 5:40 pe h

Sandeep Shah says:


xpid shikhs says:

Aquawhite xD kya tha ye bachpan khrab areeeeee 🙁

govind Patel says:

Kon kon Roj Rat ko karta hai

Amritanshu Hindustani says:

5:40 try something new

Krishna Kumar says:

That toothpaste ad sucks!

Gobinda Karmakar says:

Sare Jaya se accha India ka ad hamara…..

be surprised be unick says:

Pehle skip karte the aaj data kharch kar k ad dekhte hai wah…

Rounak Mukherjee says:

I have so much time in my life that i watch ads which people skips

All Asians says:

No toilet ads?

Rahul Motha says:

5:40,save your data, save your time
Thank me later..

Mera Bachpan says:

if anyone wants to be my YouTube channel partner, please contact me

lovepreet kharoud says:

I was watching just because of girl

AwesomeAliciaAB Bokhari says:

well then sad sad life i guess

Abhijit Mondal says:

Pehli bar adds dekke Maja aya

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