Roubini: It’s a Scary Time for the Global Economy

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Jul.02 — Nouriel Roubini, chief executive officer at Roubini Macro Associates, discusses the global economy, geopolitical risk, the U.S.-China trade negotiations, the possibility of a global recession, how he thinks we can avoid it, China’s economy and global debt. He speaks on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia” from the sidelines of the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei.


Shelley Sheri says:

Love this guy!

Dianne Forit says:

Good luck trying to recover your equity investments if the international economy falls over this time. How are you going to force to principals to pay up?

D says:

Just the usual anti-Trump propaganda from Bloomberg. Yawn.

RavingsofaLunatic says:

BRAVO Dr. Roubini!!!!! Encore
**chair falls over as I get up, whistling""

weichengcn says:

Crypto coin is total nonsense, shitcoin 🙂

Ciao! says:

Lots of assertions without explanations.

Gary Powell says:

I am going long on Shitcoin and tulips.

Froggy Noddy says:

man he's absolutely pissed.

boboallan1 says:

Now how do you really feel about Bitcoin Mr. Roubini?

Dave B says:

Trump against the world. Including America

Rick Hay says:

And as the central banks print money into infinity they can trade one shit fiat with another shit fiat.

Matter AntiMatter says:

In Gene Roddenberry's future humans had evolved beyond this #1 and #2 BS. In reality, man hasn't changed since Cain and Able; if you believe in such things.

chavy levy says:

He should be the next boss of the ECB

metnich11 says:

Roubini is 100% right.

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