2015 British Urban Film Festival bonus shorts: 'Still Water'

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First screened at Channel 4 as part of BUFF Media Day 2015, ‘Still Water’ is directed by Vicki Kisner.

Gardener Charlie is busy toiling when suddenly an enchanting woman appears out of the shadowy depths of the small lake as if out of nowhere. She unexpectedly pulls him into the water and the two of them have a passionate embrace. They remain underwater for what feels like an eternity until Charlie breaks free in order to catch his breath. When he goes back to look for her the woman has vanished. Was it his imagination or did a beautiful mermaid just attempt to seduce him?


Monuj Bhumlj says:

Hollywood film sex

Nazia Kabu says:

movie name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

يسكو 22 says:

What is the name of this film

fahad Basem says:

شسم الفلم فدوههه

Roy Azzurah says:

I've watched this video without any sound.. and funny that mermaid have no dignity and not pretty!

Pabitra Thapa says:

Wow so there love

محمود ابراهيم says:

م اسم الفيلم

Joy Chinechrem says:

Good for kids

Art-Tastic Creations says:

The mermaid mating ritual is complex. Scientists are only now understanding this unique mating practice, unique to the animal kingdom. A female mermaid will approach a shallow area of water and ask a human male for something mundane, like help with the laundry. Then when the human male gets close enough, the female mermaid will drag him underwater for a kiss. The mating success rate isn't very high. About 5 in 100 human men will die as they can't breath underwater. The rest usually get away, unharmed. Only mermaids who transform into humans will successfully breed. They can remain in a human form until they give birth and raise the mermaid children up to the age of five. Then they must return to the sea. The children will return to the sea at the age of 15. The male mermaids seek out human females in a similar mating ritual to the female mermaids. Both genders will begin mating at age 100 as mermaids have neverending lifelines.

Redneck MTG says:

Where's the TNT?

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