How To Hire A Mobile App Developer (Step-By-Step)

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Here’s a step by step screen-share guide on how to hire a mobile app developer who will create your dream mobile app.
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The first step is to google an NDA – non-disclosure agreement. Get the people you are going to work with to sign the NDA. That way it makes them less likely to lie you. Most likely you will not act on the NDA, but it is useful to have it.

We are going to use Upwork to find a developer. This is not as easy as it sounds. There is a lot stuff that can go wrong here than most people imagine. I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork over the last decade and I failed most of the time.

I am going to post a job, so I have to login with my client, hiring account. I am looking to hire a developer for a short term project. After that you should go to the category “Web, Mobile & Software Dev” and then “Mobile Development”.

Then, you should write the name of your job. We need an app similar to Instagram. Everyone uses Instagram, so if you relate to that, everyone will know what you are talking about. Our title can be something like “Picture social network like Instagram”.

In the description you have to write all the important stuff. First of all, you have to ask them to sign the NDA and send it to you in order to apply. The next step is to give them a secret phrase to use in their application.

These two things have to be on the bottom of the description. That way you will know that the applicant has read the whole job description. If the NDA is not signed or the secret phrase is not included in their application, do not read it, because that applicant is not reliable.

The next step is to create a mindmap, wireframe. In that wireframe you will see all the ways people can navigate the app from every single page. That is all the information needed to create the app.

Then, you need to add the wireframe in the description and add briefly what qualifications and experience the applicant should have. Always, ask for examples of their previous work. Also, ask them how long it will take and how it will cost.

You need to add all the features that the app needs to have. You do not need to write all the screens in the app, because they are explained in the mindmap.

How much should you pay for an app? All of the applicants will give you different prices. The real price of your app will be the average of those prices. If you hire developers, hire people from Eastern Europe like Russia, Ukraine, Poland. Those are the best countries for the value that you will get for the money. Eastern European countries deliver better work for less money.

Look how much money they have made on Upwork. The more money that have made on Upwork, the better, because they already have experience. Look at their reviews, portfolio, profile. Read it carefully and find out what kind of person you are talking to. Create a shortlist of your best candidates and then setup calls with them.

If you want to create an iPhone, make sure they have an iPhone. If they do not have an iPhone, they will not be a good match for your job.

It is better to work on a fixed price budget and a mobile app like that can cost about $3500.

Look for people with 90% job success or more and more than 500 hours billed on Upwork. That is a proof that your freelancer has experience. Do not include rising talent as an option.

After that you get your shortlist of candidates in Skype and you interview them. You can ask them all kinds of questions regarding the project. Make it hard for them to apply.

Questions you can ask during the interview:
– Tell me what you have done in the past.
– How do you intend to develop this project?
– What are the steps you will take to deliver the project?
– How often do I need to talk to you?

Do not work with resellers. If he is not a reseller, you should demand to speak with a developer. Ask very technical questions. If you are not technical, get a technical friend to ask the questions for you.

Do not pay 100% upfront. Pay 25% or less upfront, preferably 0%.


Xorey Max Beatz says:

How do i just sell the idea to someone and they actaul run the buisness im not interested in running a company i just have a solid idea i think would make money, i just eant royalty payments

wachira david says:

For future videos please show more screen and less face we want to see what your doing

Tin Nguyen says:

Thank you so much for sharing such useful data! Greatly appreciated.

fabrizio bertoglio says:

The problem of upwork is that too many people is reselling projects and doing recruiting work

You are doing such work in fact y have 3 account

It is full of spam

Ayodele Oluwasegun says:

please whats the best way to handle the developer in order to join my development team in repository
, because i would have love to add him to an already created repository , have him to lead developer with explanation to the team , so that my team can replicate and work hand in hand with the freelancer

Harah Vyas says:

I don't want to disclose my clear concept to my developer then how I give him a pitch to work. I am scare about to copy of my idea?

Eastview says:

The apps your making are you trademarking, copywriting and patenting them? also were did you create your mind map to look similar to yours?

Roy Flacko says:

packed with useful info, and I haven't even finished the video. thanks

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Do Good says:

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Pharaohcious Film says:

Can you make a video on how the "getting paid" for your app and who gets percentages? please let me know if you do by commenting on one of my videos plz!

RBVM says:

Excellent. Thank You

Alex Hik says:

This video is very usefull, I'm thinking to start by hiring workers for my app and you have make it much easier to understand thanks man

Dragma's Animation says:

I doubt it's worth it to hire someone from countries in eastern europe, as I live in the U.S.A and they would probably want to pay back for their trip to the U.S.A and then more money after that.

alb12345672 says:

Do u suggest unity or native for games?

Momo Maximilian says:

Why aren't you scared that someone of all those people just take your briefing, create the app – and sell it themselves? They only sign your nda after they saw your visual briefing.

catalina grigorasi says:

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