George Carlin – advertising and bull shit

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George Carlin – pretty much explains it all.


leonardo bartoli says:

what about that guy that laughs like a goat?

rai kishan says:

soooo true…I mean they elected bullshit president…not that it's a surprise…like he said…its a country of bullshit?

Baia1969 says:

One of the best comedians ever! We need more people like him!

Ken Mount says:

I hate to think of that brilliant mind lost forever in that very place he made fun of. Very sad.

craig newth says:

Who intelligent wouldn't know this? But funny to watch…..

swalther10 says:

I didn’t realize woody the woodpecker was sittin in the audience that night… when you make a laugh turn into woody the woodpecker, you’ve won it, there will never be another comedian funnier than Carlin

Brian Mahoney says:

05:17 I just cried laughing at that bit…

Joel Elliot says:

Amazing vocabulary and dialogue.

PuroMaduro says:

My personal all time favorite comedian.

Eli Abood says:

Reminds me of Jon Stewart’s farewell speech

Tbonyandsteak says:

Only 3% in interest

Per Month

Cough 43% per year……

Tbonyandsteak says:

Only 1.5% in interest

Per month

Cough……20% per year…..

karl marx says:

A$$$holes who rattle off 1-800 phone numbers……have hemorrhoids?
Call 1-800 lick me…that will solve all your problems.

karl marx says:

B.S. Is Obama….how do you like that?

personalsafetykam says:

Classic. Religion. Man he was hilarious

Michael S. says:

Who are the assholes that gave this a negative vote?

p40 tomahawk says:

I needed my weekly fix of Carlin…I can only imagine what his material would be like if he could see the shitshow the world is in now!…

TBHFishing says:

It's amazing how he could deliver all these advertisement quotes without missing a beat. One of the greatest. RIP

crazyhorse says:

Business men tell "positivity lies"(everything is excellent) and skip over reality(sears, Kmart, pizza hut, Pontiac, etc) !!!! And the other businessmen pretend to believe what they say(if they like each other) !!! Then hand out Bonuses !!! Go home put their eye patches back on fly the Jolly Roger over their house boat !!!

Boz Songz says:

George was always true to his school. A straight-shooter to the end.

kingsley edem says:

Jux feel the man

joe papi says:

The fact that the audience was so oblivious to the Truth, but they misinterpreted the content as "comedy". #WakeTFup

endersblade says:

"That's why they re-elected Clinton!"

Oh George, it's a mercy you didn't live to see the Trump administration.

Karen Carpenter says:

Then, my ex- husband must be “god,” because he always needed money. And most of the time it was mine he needed.

Toilet Hermit says:

God needs that money for his gambling addiction.

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