Relaxation Techniques for Panic Disorder

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Relaxation Techniques for Panic Disorder. Part of the series: Meditation and Relaxation Techniques. You can relieve the debilitating symptoms of panic disorder through relaxation techniques that bring your attention and awareness to your heart and you slow and deepen your breathing. Learn how to tame your panic disorder in this free video on meditation and relaxation techniques. Read more:


Anthony Jacob says:

Thank you this video really calmed my panic attack… unlike others videos i have seen .. the calm guidance in your voice really felt like you were walking me through it… what a drastic switch.. thank you…

High Boyy says:

I also noticed that pax the 10mg blue pills helps to calm your mindset and heartbeat but I don't always wanna take pills I wanna be as normal as I can and myself

High Boyy says:

This Method *

Marc Train says:

Saved me tonight. Thanks man.

bonhomie gal says:

I tried something different today. When I started to feel anxious and like there is one coming on I said to myself ''come on then you bastard, see if I care. I am not about to let you dictate my life''. I also told myself that if I do have one I will just say to anyone nearby ''it's ok, it's only a panic attack. It'll pass''. Saying this to myself worked and it worked beautifully. I went from wanting to get out to just getting on with what I was doing. Try it, hopefully it'll work for you too. (Also, do not underestimate that if your body is supported well enough with nutrition you'll be massively reducing their occurrence. Plenty of fresh veg, especially dark leafy kind, sufficient hydration, enough sleep. Try to keep on top of at least two of these things in times of stress, or if you're expecting to feel stressed that day). All the best.

Bayek II says:

I slept while he talk

Photo Therapy by Ilse says:

thannks for the information

lucy girl says:

This really works! I did exactly what he said to do & calmed right down!! Thank you for this video!

Lucinda_xoxo says:

Thank you, picturing a happier moment and breathing deeply really did help. Your voice is soo relaxing too

Blueberry River says:

You've got a nice calming voice

Penta XTP says:

Guys dont feel your heart your p a gonna double

tomie 22 says:

Is it normal for this to last like half the whole day? The only person who calms me down is my dog but i can't bring him to school or the store.

Ecoi Villesis says:

I have pins and needles sometimes not here sometimes is here how to cure this any technique?

Violet Lahr says:

Gee thanks.

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