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Cathi FAM Journey says:

Great video, look at that scrap pile!$$$$

Paper and Moose says:

Good ole' Phillipsburg ♥

Sarah Ravenscraft says:

I really enjoy the variety of your videos, never know what you’ll throw at me!

TNhillguy says:

Love the Mason Jars.. Been collecting them for 40 years… started when I was 10 digging them from old dumps. In Tennessee we would have estate auctions like that, not so much here in Louisiana where I am now… enjoyed this video, took me back to the good ol days in my mind.. Thanks for sharing.

Maxine Jordan says:

Maybe you could rent a spreader to do the rocks

Sandy Sunset says:

Loved it!!!

Raymond Lucera says:

Mr Auction Life wants to buy the Root bottle!!!!!

Margie Cookie Taylor says:

Nice haul. Love those blue jars.

Josh Hough says:

I always like when he's like it's incredibly hot today… its like 80 degrees lol

mike amos says:

Great video, the 4.x.drawer office cabinet at about 12mins.50secs. would be very collectible over here in the U.K.

Chrystal Henthorne says:

Thanks for the great video. That was a good sewing machine…the last Singer with all metal gears. I spent this afternoon reconditioning that same model.

Jane Charlton says:

Great day at the Auction with The Great Taco . Thank you from England .

todd denio says:

Thats not a grape masher… Its a LAUNDRY agitator… and they actually work very well. I wish I had another one since mie got lost during a move.

Sandy Woods says:

Loved seeing all the old cool things. I love to see you doing other things but you just can't beat trash picking with Taco.

kankerdoodle b says:

just hire someone to spread that gravel …cheaper than a tractor…

C. Gravely says:

That wasnt for smashing grapes that was a washing tub and a Vintage Laundry Plunger Agitator used in washtubs to wash clothing.

Gigi Keto says:

I really enjoyed the auction. What happened with the dressers?

Lisa Grafton says:

You can rent small teachers or front bucket tractors at John Deere or other places. Don't bother buying one if you won't use it a lot!

poodlegirl55 says:

All those boxes of Shiny Brites. I was drooling.

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