EVERY PICK from the First Round | 2019 NBA Draft

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Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett highlight the first round of the NBA Draft! Watch as every first round pick hears their names called!

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Türk Hava Yolları says:

Dont cry zzioonn brooo :(((

Mohan Radu says:

Advice from mother: "Beneath no one" Gets picked second in draft :)))

Lebron James Son says:

Damn tacko fall really didn't get picked

SynisterGT says:

If you weren't a Zion fan before this reaction and being humble as hell sure as hell would. Best of luck young man! Ball out!

Legendkid654321 says:

He was crying bc he got drafted by the pelicans

guapo vic says:

Why rj leave the lil girl hanging

Mert Şahin says:

Who is espn's reporter

Hasib YouTube says:

lol I’ve never seen a black Japan I

MrDrakys Channel says:


iPrometheusQ says:

He really seems to be good person. And I wish him all the best living his dream. His mum did a terrific job! Go Zion! You've just got a new fan!

Jeff Reed says:

Everyone is all happy an pretty much saying Zion Williamson an RJ Barrett are going to b superstars what if thwy domt live up to the hype alot of Duke guys come to thw NBA an turn out to b bust i remember when Jahlil Okafor was drafted everyone thought he was going to b great an it didnt turn out i hope Zion an RJ turn out but. I aint for sure they will

Valentino Samuel Fredrik says:

Hopefully Samanic and Keldon will be developed to their fullest potentials with the Spurs #GSG.

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