Senator Bernie Sanders A War With Iran Would Be An Absolute Disaster | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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Vermont Senator and 2020 contender Bernie Sanders joins Stephanie Ruhle and Ali Velshi to share his thoughts on the recent escalations with Iran, how Russia is reacting, and former Vice President Joe Biden’s recent comments.
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Senator Bernie Sanders A War With Iran Would Be An Absolute Disaster | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Travis Weaver says:

Fuckyourself Sanders

actorzone says:

The rest of the world is watching this unfold remember its not about the US V Iran, its everyone else who lives on this planet, if Trump starts a war with Iran and it effects millions of innocent people not only in Iran but the rest of the world, Trumps new home will be an an aircraft carrier as that's will be the tightest security available to him along with the other war mongers, I am sure there will be plenty of people from around the world that will be after Trumps blood.

57 CHEVYMAN says:

Bernie Sanders is an "Absolute Disaster"

Malcolm Moore says:

Their should be no military on earth at all.. No masters and no slaves. Live and let live. But while the world runs on money.. We are all slaves. Do away with money. That way we are all equal..

Boyd Gilbreath says:

We will never outrun the cruelty of the USA. Don't believe anything or any number from the government.

NetNet2 Esp says:

Bernie Sanders will be the worst president if he wins….but sorry he won't win, perhaps it's going to be Biden or Elizabeth Warren or maybe Kamala Harris or Pete buttigieg

science blossom says:

That's absurd YouTube has censored PressTV channel on YouTube and Twitter has removed their account!

Louis Jones says:

The sons and daughters of billionaires will not fight/die in this conflict/ war.trump supporters Please think about THAT.

unity love says:

President Bernie Sanders standing strong! Always speaking truth, as well as having the well being of The People and our country in mind. No wars! "It would be a disaster"!

Bc Eyre says:

I have enjoyed your program (I watch from Australia), but stop with the level of disdain, disrespect and bias you have for Bernie Sanders. We get it, you hate him!

Also, stop calling for civility especially when you speak about Bernie Sanders the way so many in the media and DNC do.

That is my observation looking from the outside.

Quick Dollar says:

This guy is so crazy, he doesn't answer questions right and always attacking Trump. He is too old, doesn't have the stamina, doesn't look like a president to me, his speech is cracking up, not clear and weak. If I were him I will stay home and relax. He has lost this race already.. so poor.

platipot says:

Hold your ground Bernie! Show them the Glory of Lenin and Proletariat Dictatorship! You do remember your KGB training in Moscow? Don't you?

Beto Buche says:

There was a better way for Biden to make that point. Bernie and Booker are both correct.

platipot says:

Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy Flails. Great Bernie! They have food!

Turgay Oruć says:

america is number one in Christianity and a nation whose religions change over time. I don't like Christianity. I hope the religion that ruled the world over time will be ISLAM

Rickys philosofy says:

Bernie 2020, not Biden

scan on says:

VERY GOOD BERNIE you just have to more rude!!

Farhan Rahim says:

Don't forget Russia and china will be backing iran directly by military and money and remember Pakistan and all other Muslim countries except us pets(Saudi Arabia, Dubai, oman, etc)

Jah Bless says:

5:50 BOOOOOOOM GO TO SCHOOL KIDS hahahaha why would you care about Biden you are inteviewing the future President of the Unites States of America and you are asking questions ABOUT BIDEN????? come on…. #FakeNews #MakeJesusGreatAgain #InvadeVenezuela

Jah Bless says:


j ena says:

Joe needs to have relationships with good people and not brag about working with segregationists.

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