MUST WATCH: Ted Cruz Grills Democrats On "Hypocritical" Views On Brett Kavanaugh

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Judge Brett Kavanaugh goes before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday for confirmation hearings with what supporters call the longest paper trail – practically a superhighway – of any federal judicial nominee, a testament to his enviable insider status in public and private corridors of Washington power.

That impressive resume has created both political opportunity and peril, as Senate Democrats have demanded a go-slow approach so that Kavanaugh’s records as a federal judge, White House staffer and lawyer for Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr can be thoroughly scoured.

“We don’t know if there’s some sort of revelatory bombshell,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., said.

But Republicans are confident the 53-year-old judge will be on the bench when the Supreme Court begins its new term Oct. 1.

“Watching this confirmation unfold is like watching the tortured last moments of a blowout basketball game,” said Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. “Democrats are down thirty with ten seconds left, but they keep fouling to stop the shot clock in an attempt to avoid their inevitable defeat.”


Dee BRown says:

I found this link on Kevin's Corner. Very glad that I did as this still is worth watching. Ted Cruz had the position and place to speak as he did on behalf of Kavanaugh. Not only that, but he detailed the Demorats voting record to override our First and Second Amendments to our Constitution. Thank God for all the sane, sensible, truth-telling voices that can be heard through all our various means of communications. Regrettably one must search and find to hear them. Thank you, Kevin, and thank you Fox 10 !

Kevin Roach says:

She lied about everything.

Virginia Gonsales says:

Wow love Ted Cruz good explanation of the democrats and their sleazy intentions


Ted Cruz or Jim Jordan for 2024

Frans van der Westhuizen says:

The woman in the backgound R/H side of the video is fast asleep but every now and then she acknowledges what Ted said. hehehe. I have seen this many times before in meeting/hearings. She actually looks like a blown up frog.

Hugo Goerner says:

1] "The Most Comprehensive Response Ever submitted to this Committee". Over half a million pages ….more than the last 5 nominee's Combined.
2] when you pick a person to represent you….pick the 1 who will work the hardest…..
3] I pick Senator Cruz….
4] And I pick Judge Brett Kavanaugh

Emeka Eric Adonis says:

Ted Cruz is a smart guy.

Emeka Eric Adonis says:

Democrats are the enemies of the American. They're pure evil and despicable demons. What type of heartless souls are these. Trying to destroy everybody's life out of hatred, wickedness and power.

Ken Breaux says:

There was not one, umm, uhh, like, or you know in this speech. Very impressive.

boneman1960 says:

Well said Ted Cruz, the facts.

Mitchel Woods says:

I hope Ted runs again after trump wins his second term

Latrise Nelson says:

We love you Brett Kavanaugh and your family

Kevin Roach says:

She lied about everything

Linda Linda says:

Kavanaugh great man and great justice.. I cried and prayed for him during that difficult time. Hope he is doing well

VoidisVirtue says:

What a badass! I was captivated the entire time!

ciss Vixen says:

dems will forever dishonest, lie, trick..operation together with dems MSM, only misleading, faking, lying use all kinda dirty trick to put the opponent down so they can come up on top.
instead of working hard in all direction to earn. they are lazy, and their eyes turn green on people stuffs, they want to have big reward but with little work. that is why so obviously show… hardly any of them have clean record. all link to this type of characteristic.
i am not saying republic is white paper clean, since only 2 choice, of course without all the make over, repacking and make believe trick, easy to support R. the cunningness of Dems, will do all to present themself under good light, in the same time trick other to fall.

Chuck eolfjustin says:

Act of 1871 watch William bill foust they operate on a 10 acre plot of land owned by the British COLUMBIA they laws they pass are supposed to be only for that 10 acre PEICE of land ….not for the UNITED states of America….and watch …arron RUSSO chipping America

TheDJA4E says:

Tells you a lot about the true intelligence of the American people, by being able to vote Trump despite being spoon fed one propaganda lie after another by 99.9% of the media. Like Senator Graham said “I hope the American people can see through this charade”, and indeed they/we did.

Paul Xheka says:

Ted ur a class act!! BRAVO! Cruz 2024

Peter Mulholland says:

Ted Cruz states the facts without bias or partiality. He simple states the truth…The Demarcates attempt to confuse the american people with lies, vague and foggy agendas!!!

Janice Williams says:

Honor is due to Mr Cruz

phuckerby says:

Ford was obviously a PAID STOOGE.

eddie gonzalez says:


Robert Seong Koon says:

Cruz recommended kavanaugh to Trump. You can tell cruz opening words they've been friends for 20 yrs. I don't think Trump knows anything about kavanaugh.

Britany Reyes says:

Go Senator Cruz! Proud Texan

MB says:

I have no problem saying it and wholeheartedly believe that Christine Blasey Ford is a liar and made up this whole story with the Democrats!! Pathetic!!

Tim Wireman says:

Every American citizen better wake up and see the hypocrisy of the democrats, if you don’t you are blind and stupid. I haven’t seen the outrage from the democrats over their boy Fairfax, why not? As a matter of fact, all 3 democrats in trouble in Virginia. If you honestly don’t see it, you need help. I think the American people are really seeing what’s going on, we have to vote republican in 2020.

Y Z says:

We have the constitution and should go buy it. it should be taken word by word and go by the way it's written I don't understand how congress and others can go back and change the way it was should not ever be was written for way Country should be run…id like to know what was the use for being written if corrupted Dems to change to get what they want…….should not ever be changed cause was written for one reason. To go by it ..Dems are so corrupt in so many ways they should never be in office and never be able run to be a President…The constitution should never b able to be changed…. Dems out control and corrupted that they pay and break laws and hope don't get caught on rigging the next election. They will do everything they can and pay off States get what they want and lords no what else. I bet u look they will one way or another to get illegals to vote and hope they don't get caught. I'm telling everyone they going break every law and pay off people to make President not win….he been best we ever had and he cares and wants protect us and keep making it better. The past ones put us n hell and wants keep us there. President loves us and are country and Dems don't. They are traders to us and only want illegals here and hell with us…they want be able get a way with illegal to vote and come in and take us the people and are country……..Like see all Dems rot in hell cause that will they will be going……….Trump 2020. Keep making us better and better and safe..

BP Archambault says:

Bravo!! Love Him!!

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