KAVANAUGH HEARING PART 2: Christine Ford continues being questioned (FNN)

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Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, on Tuesday rejected the requests from Democrats to delay a key hearing on the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused the federal judge of sexual assault during a party when they were in high school, are due to testify before the committee on Thursday. Kavanaugh has denied Ford’s allegations.

In a letter to ranking member Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Grassley wrote: “I am not going to silence Dr. Ford after I promised and assured her that I would provide her a safe, comfortable, and dignified opportunity to testify … There is no reason to delay the hearing any further.”

Grassley added that any further delay would be unfair to both Ford and Kavanaugh, whom Grassley said “has asked the Committee repeatedly for the chance to testify as soon as possible … We can no longer stand in the way of him presenting his testimony before the Committee.”

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Lorie-Harley Flinchum says:

Sen. Blumenthal ….your patronizing comments to this pathetic woman make me sick to my stomach!!!
As a woman and a survivor of sexual abuse starting at the age of 8…and far more than a pubescent teenage boy pinning me down that I got away from….it’s a SLAP IN MY FACE for you to call this woman an EXAMPLE and VOICE for true survivors of sexual assault!!!!
You BELIEVE her because it suits your political agenda!!!
If this woman were a REPUBLICAN accusing a democrat…you’d sing a different song!
Where were these words for
Vanessa Tyson who had RECENT AND RELEVANT PROOF OF SEXUAL ASSAULT BY Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax!!!!
Yeah… you PATHETIC HYPOCRITE!!! Go spew your crap out to VIETNAM VETS!!! You DISGUSTING LIAR!!!!

Grrrrrrrr!!! You Democrats are so P A T H E T I C !!!!!

Flyers Lady says:

God, how the Dimms kissed Ford's skinny, wrinkly ass was absolutely nauseating. And then there's the way they treated Kavanaugh…my God, what they did to him. Making him say embarrassing things…it broke my heart. They are absolutely despicable.

erica meall says:

I don’t know whether she is suffering PTSD but she is definitely suffering from Democratitis! A disorder that makes you forget everything opposing the DNC agenda.

Bon Zai says:

This is all a numbers game for the DNC. No matter how preposterous, how ludacris, or how obvious that it’s a lie, there will always be a large percentage of supporters who will eat it up and support them. It’s called “blinders”. Something a basic psychology study would prove. Dr. Ford should know all about that…

Bon Zai says:

This sham should enrage every citizen of the United States. Shame on you Dr. Ford, Shame on you Feinstein, shame on you DNC, and shame on you CIA!

James Sacchetti says:

This lady is lying like a freaking drug she is purging herself left and right trying to stop Kevin from becoming a Supreme Court this lady has no clue who you was until the Democrats rig this whole goddamn thing you can tell she's lying she's made of glass

Cece Blank says:

if you can't remember details, drink coke Lol

lu M says:

I I I I I don't understand that

Rosemarie Vittardi says:

SUCH A BUNCH OF DRIBBLE AND BS,,,,,,,,,,,, EVERYONE involved has a agenda,,,,,,,,, and the foolish public plays right into the hands of these POLITCAL BSer's allowing there attention to be diverted to DRIBBLE. TV Shows are made to continue the diversion of the publics attention to all this false flag, diversion of the public brain to allow evil to continue without attention looking in there direction. PEOPLE WAKE UP………………btw, A plane trip to Hawaii is over 20 hours nonstop…………….. as I say, EVERYONE HAS A AGENDA EVERYONE I am neither a democrat, or republican, I DO NOT VOTE,,,,,,,,,,, because of all the lies an games, agenda, false flags,, and very rarely NEVER knowing the truth, AS a unbiased onlooker,,,,,,,,,, I can see this intelligent speaking Dr Ford,,,,,,,,,,, DO you folks really think she came forward after how many years NEARLY 40 YEARS to be a good public citizen,,,,,,,,,,, or is there a chance of financial gain to her for this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, AMERICA, please, wake up. Where was she when this judge was running for his other offices he had to of been canditates in.

Zeldeus says:

I mean I don't like Trump but she lacks credibility

László Löwenstein says:

The Supreme Court has just become a partisan institution controlled by Republicans and hard core right wing ideologues. Now the "Movement" conservatives are turning their vast propaganda empire into brainwashing voters to go along with it.

Albert May says:

Ford is a good actress .Besides that she is a liar and an ugly psycho.

JH Corcoran says:

Whitehouse is so transparent. What hit job.

Megan Roberts says:

"I didn't know I would need lawyers." Really?? When she's 'just only' accusing someone of sexual assault. With as many Master's and PhD degrees she has it's amazing that she could be so common sense clueless. Keep in mind she has a degree in Psychology, so she knows the mannerisms of sexual assault victims. So the wobbly voice, soft higher pitched almost child like frail voice, and the way she is sitting almost as if she is going to fold in on herself as she is speaking are all psychological triggers to hit a viewers sympathy 'pain points'. When, as a victim of a brutally violent rape, like most victims do, I remember every single detail of my assault. From the way he felt, the smell of his skin and breath, the sharp startling heaviness of his fists as he struck me, and to the humiliating 2 mile walk home bruised, bleeding, my clothes ripped and torn on a busy street where not a single damn person stopped their car to ask me if I needed help. And that was all the way back from 1993. Yet, she has sooooo many holes in her memory it's like a block of Swiss cheese. Give me a break. What I believe is that this is all an act of vindictiveness by Dr. Ford. The reason I say this is because Kavanaugh's Mom was the judge that presided over Dr. Ford's parents bankruptcy and the foreclosure of their home back in 1996. Someone dug into Kavanaugh's family history and offered this woman some type of incentive to smear this man… and she jumped on it. I'd like to point out too that if her 'trauma' was real or even if her trauma was buried, her husband would have known about it the minute he was over her while they were intimate. Just from her testimony alone of being 'violently held down' during the assault. That right there would have been her trigger while intimate with her husband, the very moment when her PTSD was triggered and kicked in. NOT while squabbling with her husband about having another door put in during a house remodel. So my question is this: In this era of the "Me Too" movement, what exactly happens to those despicable individuals who make these type of accusations that are later found to be false or unsubstantiated? Should there not too be some type of charges brought against those that would the use the "Me Too" movement for nefarious purposes?

Barbara Wasilak says:


Mike in C.C. says:

Ford is a total dingbat. She sounds like a Valley Girl, to boot.

DJ says:

Don’t believe a word she says, she clearly has severe mental issues

Kelley Towle says:

Typical guy. How many women did you rape and your buddies help cover for you. Sexual assault is funny you jerk. Hope you don't have a daughter. You failed as a parent.youre why victims don't come forward

Bob Darbo says:

This is fake

Joyce B. says:

SHAME on Americain people who don't believe her. Kavanaugh is a liar.

oMagicc says:

She talks like a child

GrandTheftAutumn100 says:

Imagine being the kind of person who uses YouTube comments to insult and berate sexual assault victims whose lives and families you’ve already uprooted and destroyed for pain they experienced and continue to relive against their will

GrandTheftAutumn100 says:

Congratulations on supporting a man who would be down to let you get raped ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Maliny Moon says:

What surprised me the most is that how FBI agents can't hear a fake voice? I can read other people minds so I hear how her voice sounds false!

Tim Watson says:

It bothers me that many people within our justice system are assuming she is in the right without proof. It's not right in my mind and makes me feel as though many of side people have the mind set of guilty until proven innocent and that's a very dangerous and creepy precedent.

Shuhei Hisagi says:

The main thing that frustrates all you right winged people in the comments is that the go to argument is "if I was raped 30 years ago I would totally remember everything" when that is just part of her testimony and your job now is to look for evidence to dispute her claim not try to be in her shoes and tell everybody how you feel about it. You can't feel fact you conservative snowflakes

Katherine Dunn says:

The fact she had a polygraph test say shes telling the truth and people still call her a liar just because shes a Democrat just blows my mind.

Tailored Reaction says:

When I was 19 years old I did almost the exact same thing to my sister's best friend when I had been drinking too much at a party. I forcefully hefted her over my shoulder and carried her into a bedroom and put her down on the bed. That is as far as I went because I was playing a stupid joke, pretending I could be a psycho rapist when I drink. I thought it was funny, but she came to me after a week or so to tell me how wrong it was and how scared she had been. I tried to sluff it off as her just over reacting but she asked me to look at it from her perspective. She was tiny compared to me. I didn't want to think of myself as being scary to someone else, but in that moment she confronted me, I had to see myself through her eyes. I understood she wasn't just being dramatic. I really had terrified her.

It is entirely possible Kavanaugh was pretending to be psycho, as I did, and I am sure lots of young men have done, for attention. It is possible that she remembers it because of the impact it had on her, but Kavanaugh doesn't remember it because he really was just playing a sick joke while drinking. Probably just one of many boneheaded things he did at that age. He would have known he wasn't going to rape anyone. He might have thought like I did that it would be fun to pretend he was psycho. It is also quite possible he does remember doing that to her, but now feels cornered and trapped. There really is no way to explain yourself once something so stupid you did as a teenager comes to light years later.

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