Top 15 BEST Smartphones of 2019 (Mid Year).

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You’ve heard about the Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy Fold, Galaxy S10, Huawei P30 Pro, OnePlus 7, which 2019 smartphones are the BEST so far? Here are my Top 15 smartphones for 2019!

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Mrwhosetheboss says:

Few points to note:
1. This is a summary of the best smartphones to get in 2019 SO FAR, for if you wanted to buy a phone now. Obviously there'll be plenty more, and I will summarise all of them at the end of the year!
2. The rank order is personal preference, and it may vary somewhat for each buyer depending on exactly what features you're looking for.
3. The prices I have written are not necessarily launch prices – they're the best prices I could find for each phone from reputable sources
4. What's YOUR favourite phone this year?

Eduardo Arruda says:

Should I by an Iphone 7 plus or galaxy note 8 …Help guys please

kersamjernezian says:


Damaris Sanders says:

Your showing off with your phones

Amar Reddy says:

What a voice buddy..Simply superb and yes thanks for the details on mobiles.

Rayen Van Soest says:

Blackberry above sony and huawei yeah right.

acidic sakura says:

I like hearing horror stories. And your voice kind of fits. And I'll never gonna get scared. Cause it's soothing.. Ermmmmm

Steve Adams says:

Dont listen 2 this fck face Note 9 were is and gonna be the great phone. This Moran obviously don't know and understand what he is talking about

Abderrahman Mouzahir says:

Why is this vid only available on 360p

Dinabandhu Sahoo says:

best phone vivo

Tako Franc says:

I love my Galaxy s10 5G!

um me says:

Sony is about out of business, so why even mention them? Also, why mention iPhone, when it's garbage, just as all apple products are now for the past two years?

Ivan Rožić says:

Where is LG G8??
Even LG G7 beats f1 n 6T

Rakesh Roy says:

Wtf, which mic you use ?

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