Rob Kardashian Wins Big In Custody Battle With Blac Chyna

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Rob Kardashian no longer has to pay baby mama Blac Chyna 20k in child support.
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Emile Ennis Jr.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have been feuding for years now, even before the birth of their daughter Dream Kardashian. But things have finally mellowed out as Rob no longer has to pay 20k per month in child support. The pair will have 50/50 custody and share expenses. Want to hear more details? Be sure to watch our video and subscribe for more amazing videos on the your favorite celebs!


Tracy Walker says:

The chilc support disbursement unit makes money of child support. It will never end or go away and continue to be outrageous. I'm glad that the case was neutral and he didnt have to pay that girl anymore money.

Nyz free thinker says:

And to think my mom raised me on around 30 K a year

Buttcheeks Mcgee says:

I'm so glad the judge was very fair.
Hopefully, this was a big wake up call and learning experience for Rob
Just cuz a woman looks fun in bed doesn't make her a viable candidate for a mother and partner.
I have a really hard time feeling bad for grown ass men who pretend like they didnt see it coming when they decide to start dating high-risk woman.

analeaze keyting says:

hes always been irrelevant and a bum no suprise blac chyna pounced on that oppurtunity to get a bag

Elizabeth Seiden says:

Poor Rob was used by cheap Chyna trash! I hope she ends up broke! She's been dating teenage boys! I'm happy for Rob and I'd like to see more of him on the show.

Sly Cat says:

This is the way that it needs to be when both parents make enough money. These idiots talking about Khloe needs to put Tristan on child support, Khloe makes enough to have them split expenses!

jay smith says:

Dream will be like her hoeeee mom

Critical Weiner says:

Girls stink! Last thing we need are more little energy vampires sucking the life out of the men in our society..women stop whoring.

Teresa Keplinger says:


Dorothy Mays-Pitts says:

Rob is ashame of his family men do not like slutty behaviors from his sisters and mother. DPitts.

Gigi The Waitress says:

I legit forgot this was a thing.

Wayne Miller says:

yeah they're only concern is her daughter until they're around each other for more than 5 seconds and start fighting physically in front of their child

Karina Flores says:

Omg that child support is ridiculous children are expensive but not that much!!! I'm happy for him they were able to work something out for that child

Richxwolf says:

So he's not bald?

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