President Donald Trump Makes 'Totally Undignified' Move In France | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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During an interview with Fox News, the president appeared with the graves of U.S. veterans behind him in Normandy, France and took shots at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Robert Mueller. The Morning Joe panel discusses.
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President Donald Trump Makes ‘Totally Undignified’ Move In France | Morning Joe | MSNBC


MVVpro says:

Blonde Fox "News" interviewer egging Trump the Insult Criminal Dog on to insult another woman some more with "while you were abroad". What a disgrace.

Wado Waleli says:

He may be crass, thoughtless, insensitive, overbearing, hypocritical, manipulative, egomaniacal and just generally psychotic, but let's not forget his many positive attributes, which are…, which are…, which are….

James Christie says:

How could anyone still believe that Trump would ever conduct himself appropriately?

Chris Ward says:

Nancy Pelosi sidestepped the Impeachment question because she is simply too nervous to answer! No other reason.

d d says:

Speaker Pelosi wants to continue with oversight rather than pursue impeachment proceedings which would be doomed to failure. The senate would vote down impeachment regardless of clear evidence against Trump. Continued oversight will clarify the corruption rampant within Trumps campaign and lead to his defeat at the polls. Once he is defeated politically, criminal proceedings can commence. It is that simple – is it not?

July Baby says:

Look at who he was talking too !!! Case Close

david zero says:

Trump is the very embodiment of trash! The GOP should bail out on him now or go down the toilet with him!!!

Bon Scott says:

You can always count on trump to lower the bar.

Andrew Benham says:

Not a great location for this but he was right about these politicians. They want to put him in jail because they are sore losers. Why impeach a president thats doing a good job. If I was asked that question I would have said the same thing but maybe not on that occasion

Jim McDonald says:

Why do you rebroadcast Fox News? Why do you report the statements of Donald Trump? Do you still not get it? That's what got him elected in the first place. As long as the freak-show goes on, it will be impossible to attend to serious business. Look at Garfield Without Garfield–then try reporting Washington Without Trump. Things might start to come into focus.

D Anderson says:

Apparently the entire ceremony had to be held up so that Trump could go on that little rant. Truly disgusting.

Kevin Parsons says:

We all want to see Trump in prison and that's what's going to happen as soon as out of office which will be happening faster if is impeached but you know who's also guilty of crimes and that can be arrested right now his children. I personally believe from this day forward when we speak of all the orphans America has to pay for that Trump made they should be referred as Trump's children all thousands of them are Trump's children why we paying for them there Trump's children why do taxpayers have to pay to keep these orphanages running at Max capacity Trump's children. Will they ever see their parents again no they're Trump's children their parents are god-knows-where

Joel Sattler says:

"He's not a war hero. He's a war hero because he was captured.
I like people that weren't captured." – Donald Trump on John McCain
During WWII, in the European Theater,
nearly 94,000 Americans were interned as POWs.

Sarah B says:

so, a racist, a narcissist, and a con man walk into a bar…
the bartender asks, "What can I get you Mr. President?"

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