"Peripheral IV Placement" by Brienne Johnson for OPENPediatrics

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AdminCreeper Games says:

What is this for

C/rahman dirir C/rahman says:

good job thanks

Dorian Grey says:

Why is it that when I'm giving an IV or sometimes IM injection the plunger on the syringe won't push down? I understand that there is a pressure imbalance, but how do I fix that?

الحمد لله says:

Good job .. Good educational video.. thanks a lot

platinum1lk says:

It is not necessary to have sterile gloves what does she mean by that 4:37! Everything needs to be sterile!

Sally Daniel says:

Excellent Video, Thanks!

cassandria Dubery says:

Great Video ❤️

Bitan Karpha says:


Eke N says:

Excellent video, well presented, can't fault it..

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