Mercedes Secondary Air Pump Problem

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If your Mercedes sounds like a a jet engine in the morning or a circular saw when you start the engine you probably have a problem with the Secondary Air pump – It might be a free repair or very expensive – Mark shows you the problem, the tools needed to fix it and how you might get it fixed for free under a little known warranty


Default says:

Hey, men excellent video, I just like to know what makes it go bad?

Mikgwerd says:

This is obviously a money grab part for the dealer. I replaced this pump three times already(thank goodness i learned to replace myself) and like clockwork, the jet turbine sound can be heard 5-6 months after a new replacement. A real bad quality part from Bosch, they should redesign this.

Ayhan kilicoglu says:

Hello, what have you done between the timeline 17:4419:21, thanks.

Antonio Uzzle says:

hey man i have a question again for you , okay so ichanged the smog pump and also the relay . now im getting a code for the check valves , can i just remove them and clean it up?

Brock Hay says:

Awesome video I'm having the same problem with my 2010 C300 but it only ones for a Split Second but I have a feeling it will get worse and also the secondary air pump in America is only $130 that's a weird at cost so much there

cause&effect says:

How about unplug it to see if the noise goes away

Cheng Yang says:

Over engineering that's how it should sound like a jet it's going to take off soon.

Antonio Uzzle says:

my pump doesn’t make any loud noise either , what should i do ? i just dont wanna waste any money on it .

Antonio Uzzle says:

should i change the relay first before i change the smog pump? just to see . i got a engine light for both

Brian Sun says:

Really helpful. The best made video that can be found on this disassembly. thanks

Metarex On The Beat says:

Hello, mine does not sound that loud or annoying. But in the morning it is much louder and becomes faint during regular use in the day. Will have to check this.

MechAdventures says:

Awesome video, pump can be also rebuild its not actually difficult, I've made video on how to.

Fadel Ouza says:

well said. Can i use fuel injector cleaner every time i fill up , or once a year ? just took it to local shop charge me $260. for a used one.

Tom Bauer says:

It comes apart very easy, blow out dust and put some lubricant on bearings and noise is gone!

Emiliano G says:

Thank you so much for your video its very detailed and helpful.

Angel Soliz says:

2004 S430 does the same cold in the morning then calms down later. You think that model has that part too?

skydivedickson says:

Hey @carquestions, thanks a ton for the video. After watching it I tested my Aux Air pump and it makes the same noise. Am I able to drive the car with this part removed until it is repaired?


Eric Baptist says:

I changed mine twice but the check engine light won't go out.

louis olazagasti says:

Hello is it supposed to go on every time the car is cold

redbaron2448 says:

What does the secondary air pump actually do.

shwndh says:

It will be making the same noise in a week. The bearings are shot and the carbon brushes probably need to be replaced. You went that far into the motor you should have tried to take the shaft out to get to the bearings. This was a band aid fix. Good tear down though.

kenwuvideo says:

Thank you for this video. My SLK350(M272) has same problem and I ordered a new pump and relay. Tomorrow I will replace them and keep old pump after cleaning and checking. from Japan.

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