This is the photo North Korea wants you to see

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High-ranking North Korean diplomat Kim Yong Chol was identified attending an art performance alongside leader Kim Jong Un in the country’s state media two days after one of South Korea’s biggest newspapers said he had been banished and sentenced to hard labor and his deputy executed. Analysts have speculated that some North Korean diplomats charged with US negotiations were in hot water after the latest round of talks between the two countries ended abruptly in Hanoi. CNN’s Will Ripley reports. #CNN #News


Kobcuadub H says:

lie after lie
If they die because you guys recruit them to work under cnn. If North Korea recruit one of America to work under North Korea that person will be electric die by cnn too.

Cadre Deux says:

CNN always is first to report a story that it knows is fake. That way they can say they didn’t have time time to verify and still run the story.

Jon Ross says:

This is all speculation since cnn wasn’t able to verify from the south Korean & neither able to verify the photo

Barry Guyer says:

Stalin did that all the time.
When removed people

TTV___ONESHOT___ says:

Good old fake new cnn lmao

apotebill says:

I want a fade with Kim Jon Un.

John Lyons says:

Yes, once again you treasonous liars fucked that up too. 2years you built up the hope of the rabid demonic reptilian pedophile left. Just to shoot down all their delusions. Now they are just lost. Media sedation charges coming your way, wolf Don and all of you. Fuck all u cnn trash.

Kenneth Matthew says:

Fuck CNN

je suis Informaticien says:

good luck kim with terrorist zionist america

Kaahwa Emma says:

Kim not a joking subject

Quirk says:

With these fake news, they are asking to really get bombed.

Jafaar Ali says:

the problem is the all look alike can’t tell who is who…!

TWDxKILL3R says:

“Because his HANDS are covered in that photo”. Only CNN affiliates would make such a statement.

I.M. Hur says:

주체사상(인간중심주의)은 하나님 아버지와 구세주 예수님의 영광을 각각 김일성 악마 및 새끼악마 김정일의 영광으로 대체하여 우상화하였기에 이를 신봉하는 김정은 체제 및 빨갱이 문재인 정권은 하늘의 저주를 받고 곧 멸망한다.

#마태복음 23:9-10 땅에 있는 자를 아버지라 하지 말라 너희의 아버지는 한 분이시니 곧 하늘에 계신 이시니라 또한 지도자라 칭함을 받지 말라 너희의 지도자는 한 분이시니 곧 그리스도시니라#.

David S. Hasanli says:

We need to do that too

Sky Being says:

Dance to it is best!!

Sky Being says:

Hey Kim.
I will play this
song to you once
you tun to a
Capitalist society.

give it a listen.

Patrick Read says:

When will Trump realize totalitarianism is the answer!

David Alexandrovitch says:

He could be doing forced labor and forced to attend the arts show to prove to western media that he isn't when he really is doing hard labor.

paul1x1 says:

Poor bastard I really hate dictators trumps bum buddy is a douche

God Father says:

CNN loves reporting fake news

Chronic Crypto says:

In North Korea you can't cover your face. You must clap or be punished.

R Mcnary says:

Trumps dream to have this kind of subservience

ME also says:

Trump says they are in love. Judging by the huge belly on Trump, he was impregnated by Kim.

Mike Capporta says:

CNN fake news

加麻大 says:

CNN is fake news.

Dustin Q says:

North Korea looks pretty much like the Democratic party Communist cult.

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