Trump calls Duchess of Sussex 'nasty' ahead of UK trip

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President Donald Trump set the stage for his upcoming visit to the United Kingdom, Ireland and France next week during a wide-ranging interview with the British newspaper The Sun, including a response to remarks made by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, ahead of the 2016 election. #CNN #News


Bruce Bryant says:

Trump sleeps with a PORN STAR while his wife is giving birth, but Meghan is nasty? In what world?

Toussaints' Wrath says:

He’s trying to get a grip in with the British white wingers.

Nelson's Rudolph says:

A running dog with no teeth !!

2Cannonball says:

Nasty is his skank wife.

Ruben Gutierrez says:

Please don't invite that embarrassment over to London? Trump has offended the Royal family! He called a Princess 'nasty' unbelievable!

Rye D says:

My husband FOR SURE would have words for trump. I hope harry would too

Charlotte B. says:

Trump devrait avoir HONTE de s’en prendre une jeune femme qui peut être ta fille !!!! Mais Trump est raciste et idiot !!!! Meghan n’a pas le temps à perdre pour aller voir le con de Donald Trump !!!!!!! Meghan est à congé maternité et Meghan n’a pas de temps à perdre avec un imbécile de Donald Trump !!!! Trump reste à ta place de raciste et curcuglanh qui maltraitait les noirs et va au diable espèce de raciste médiocre !! De Trump !!!!

Lord Rosemary says:

Lol I'm pretty sure she is fine with his comments. It's like if I tell someone "I hate you"and they tell me "I hate you too", I'm like great that we can agree LOL.

Karlo Ladislaus says:

She is …nasty…..

Bruce Bryant says:

I wonder if Trump will lose his temper, slam is tiny fist on the table and walk out on the queen like he did with Nancy Pelosi?

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