Breaking Down The Biggest Moments From Kavanaugh Hearings | The View

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Adrian Abella says:

Oh my God, Sunny Hostin is the most hypocritical and illogical co-host.

Adrian Abella says:

She is so fake

Ilya Liviz says:

First, I want to say I enjoy watching and hearing you opinions. Having said that, it is very important to recognize that the concept of "separation of powers" is a powerful concept that applies in many areas (this is a conceptual jump from scope of duty and powers as seen utilized by different branches of government to a analogous application of separating your emotions/feelings from your logical reasoning), exampli gratia, the concept of liability and damages are sometimes separated and presented to the jury one at a time, id est, via motion for bifurcation of trial, the jury will hear liability first, and then, and only then, will they go on to hear about damages; and the reason for this is our emotions can make it difficult to make a correct decision; hence, the old saying "sleep on it" is a correct one. There is no doubt, the way Dr. Ford describes her assault, it has been very damaging to her well being and her person. But, there is still a question (analogous to liability) as to weather the incident involved Justice Kavanaugh (liability) or to someone else. Thus, if we use a proposed motion to bifurcate "eye identification" (determining who is the true defendant) from damages, we would only focus on a simple logical assessment of whether the "eye identification" is credible. For public policy purposes, it would be helpful to have the psychologists and other experts within the field to offer us the impact of trauma on recollection; but, having said that, it still does not change the fact that the defendant has due process rights which require you to first prove that he/she is the person, and we don't want that decision making to be skewed by emotion, id est, "sleep on it" during the day by separation of logic from emotion. I will also summarize by applying the same concept of "separation of powers" to choice of judicial officer, and pose to you that judicial temperament has ZERO to do with decision making, and more to do with being able to (or not) appeasing the masses to what they have been accustomed to; I will take it even further, and argue in support of Justice Kavanaugh due to his "different" presentment which is a good addition to the court to give "different" a voice representative of populous diversity. In summary; for purposes of guilt, there should be separation of logic from emotion; and finally, it should not have been publicized in the this manner due to a public policy need to avoid secondary victimization which would deter future victims from coming forward, and we must offer services universally to both, no matter of the outcome, id est, a victim coming forward is presumed a victim that universally gets complete treatment without any consideration to the result of the hearing/trial. The aforementioned is another example of separation of powers made applicable to how to handle future victims. Dr. Ford should be treated as a victim from start to finish without consideration Justice Kavanaugh is now on SCOTUS, id est, once her testimony is concluded, the victims should be educated that the outcome of the "guilt" finding in the defendant's hearing is no way or shape, affect the position of the medical professional's assessment and treatment that will focus on offering resources to all victims. This also will change the mentality of having one point the figure at the other, prevent discouragement of future victims from coming forward, and offer treatment with education that properly presents the need to separate logic/proof (defendant's hearing) from emotion (applicable to treatment of victim).

Cali Babii says:

Soooo which is it abby u believe her or not

dannyritz1 says:

These ladies are truly impartial and have no biases in this case

Ian Avegnon says:

Democrats next time you plot a thing like this find someone who knows how to Act. The woman dont even have loyal friends that would prove her allegations. Man I'm an immigrant but I'm siding more to be a Republican when I become a citizen.

Curtis Wilshusen says:

You girls are delusional.. you get attacked when you have kids with no evidence. You would be pissed also

Kit Kniegge says:

Amazing how much power a story that is relatable to the majority can have over a man's reputation.

John Carter says:

Sunny Hostin raped me 40 years ago i promise im telling the truth, i should be believed. Mrs Hostin should be in jail immediately. Make a accusation with no evidence and your guilty is the Libtard standard now. This Hypocritical Libtard is very Evil and Satanic!!!


Ford is a liar she got all knowledge from the book plus its come out the 2 front doors the town made them put it in w the renovations you fucking idiots!!!! You "women" are so fcn stupid!!!!!

Justin Shim says:

Wow, I just saw that image of Dr. Ford testifying. Does the Judiciary committee not realize how bad that picture makes them look? No wonder the GOP brought in a woman to ask the questions!

Kay Miller says:

"Joy Behar, faux-feminist and loud-mouthed co-host of the unwatchable daytime show The View, asserted on air that she would rather vote for a guy who is dripping with rape and sexual assault allegations because he votes for “women’s rights” (AKA is a proponent of abortion-on-demand) over an evil conservative who has the nerve to, say, be against the late-term abortion of a pain-capable baby.

On Tuesday, the co-hosts of the show discussed Bill Clinton’s seedy sexual past of alleged rape and sexual assaults and its potential impact on his wife’s campaign. Behar, of course, was an avid defender of the Clinton duo."

Kay Miller says:

Meghan McCain from The View: "I don't understand why the same standard isn't being set to actors in Hollywood and actresses in Hollywood that somehow worked with him. I'm surprised Jennifer Lawrence hasn't said anything. She thanked him during her 2013 Golden Globes speech: 'Harvey, thank you for killing whoever you had to kill to get me up here today.'"

"He's an incredibly powerful man," she said. "There are allegedly rumors everywhere all over Hollywood. 'SNL' not making a joke about it."

Whoopi Goldberg put a halt to McCain and said that people aren't being quiet, they are "assessing" the situation.

"Let's be realistic," the host said. "They started on Friday. So it's Monday morning. So if we don't hear anything else in the next day or two I think I would be shocked. But I think people are assessing, you know, 'what did I know and did I know it? Did I look the other way?"

Kay Miller says:

'The View' On Quiet Hollywood Reaction To Harvey Weinstein: "People Are Assessing," "Give It A Minute" Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar and other co-hosts took a cautious approach on the 'Hot Topic' of sexual harassment allegations laid against Harvey Weinstein. However, new panelist Meghan McCain — on her first day — blasted Weinstein and the media for hypocrisy, comparing the coverage the movie mogul has received to former FOX News host Bill O'Reilly."

Kay Miller says:

"Things got heated on Monday’s episode of “The View” when Joy Behar took Democratic senator Kirsten Gillibrand to task over her push to get former senator Al Franken to resign following accusations of sexual misconduct."

Kay Miller says:

Meryl Streep: “I just wanna thank my agent Kevin Huvane and God, Harvey Weinstein, the punisher, Old Testament, I guess,” Streep joked at the time. She would go on to win the Oscar for the same role, an award that Weinstein lobbied hard for. Flash-forward to today, and Weinstein, who was fired Sunday from his film company, is now, it seems, a “disgraceful” individual, according to Streep."

TheMutMogu1 says:


Kay Miller says:

Whoopi is such a hypocrite. Regarding Director Roman Polanski: Whoopi: "I know it wasn't rape-rape. It was something else but I don't believe it was rape-rape. He went to jail and and when they let him out he was like "You know what this guy's going to give me a hundred years in jail I'm not staying, so that's why he left."

Oh yes, of course. Duh. Case closed.

What is worrisome about Whoopi's argument is that she refuses to call a 43 year old man having sex with an unconscious 13 year old girl "rape". She may have personal, possibly guilty-parent reasons for not accepting this, but as tangled up as this case is, the fact that it was rape is one of the least controversial things about it. Roman Polanski admitted to drugging and having sex with a child, and in the country in which he did it, that is rape. (Though nice try Whoopi with the "Europeans have sex with children all the time!" argument, or whatever that was.)"

Jay El says:

Even if you remove the assault claim, his temperament should be even more worrying. He comes across like a nutcase.

Felony Strutter says:

II feel the same when I was raped n Dec 30.2016 I am suck in but 23 days later my Dad died.. I m stuck here.

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