1 Year of AP Biology in 43 Minutes

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Here’s my suggested AP biology review book (Cliffs):
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Kindle (instant delivery): https://amzn.to/2JI7C5l


Lisa Bumii says:

As a reference, I recommend using this to find topics you need to study. Cram hard! 🙂

Unit # = Time [Main Topic]
(topics listed in order of mentioning | in relative groups)

Unit 1 = 0:008:21 [Atoms, Molecules & Compounds]
(polarity, electronegativity | unique properties of water | macromolecules, mono/poly-mers, carbohydrates, mono/di/poly-sacchrides | lipids, fats, phospholipids | proteins, amino acids, structure of these | Nucleic acids, nucleotides, DNA/RNA/mRNA, transcription/translation | thermodynamics)

Unit 2 = 8:2118:38 [Smallest Things]
(observations, cell size, S:V ratio, prokaryotic shapes | eukaryotes, endomembrane system, endosymbiotic theory, organelles in the cell, ribosomes, chloroplast, plasma membrane/lipids, phospholipid bilayer, passive/active transport, sodium potassium pump | photosynthesis, light reactions, calvin cycle, photorespiration, cellular respiration | cell cycle, mitosis/meiosis)

Unit 3 = 18:3826:26 [Genetics]
(reproduction, chromosome number | genetic variation, law of independent assortment, crossing over | [mentioned that life cycles were not important] | changes in chromosome number, punnett square, complete/incomplete/co-dominance, multiple alleles, polygenic inheritance, epistasis, pleiotropy, norm of reaction, sex-linked genes, Linked/nonlinked genes | DNA replication, transcription, primary mRNA transcript, alternate splicing | translation | chromosome structure, heterochromatin/euchromatin | prokaryotic gene regulation, operons, eukaryotic regulation, transcriptional controls/factors | DNA technology, polymerase chain reaction, gel electrophoresis)

Unit 4 = 26:2642:36 [Evolution]
(theories of evolution, Lamark/Darwin | micro/macro-evolution, Hardy Weinberg equilibrium & equation | types of natural selection, stabilizing/directional/disruptive/sexual selection | extended evolution, genetic drift, bottleneck/founder effect, gene flow, heterozygote advantage | speciation, biological species concept, reproductive isolations/incompatabilities, allopatric/sympatric speciation | divergent/convergent evolution | [mentioned that the history of life isn't that important] | factors that influence evolution, mass extinction, continental drift | viruses, phases of a bacteriophage, retroviruses | prokaryotes, gram positive/negative bacteria, perks of bacteria, horizontal gene transfer, bacterial transformation/conjugation/transduction, photo/chemo energy, hetero/auto-troph carbon, oxygen requirements | types of symbiosis, mutualism/commensalism/parasitism | [mentions that fungi aren't that important], how fungi are classified, zygo/basido/asco-myota | plants, land adaptations, types of vascular tissue, xylem/phloem, plant growth, meristematic/cambium growth, growth hormones, plant responses, photo/tropisms, secondary compounds | animals, blastopore, animal kingdoms, protostomes/deuterostomes | lymphatic system, immune system, nonspecific/specific/humoral/cell mediated-immune response, active/passive immunity, immune system errors | neurons, synapses, [parts of the brain aren't that important], white/grey matter, endocrine system, posterior pituitary gland, antidiuretic hormone, pancreas/insulin/glucagon | animal behavior | ecology, population distributions, carrying capacity, logistic growth, density dependent/independent factors, human populations & technologies | community ecology, biodiversity, types of species in a community | chemical cycles, water/carbon/nitrogen/phosphorus-cycle | aquatic ecosystems, photic/aphotic-zones | conservation biology, 4 reasons species are endangered)

NalinS says:

Low key this video is better for the AP Bio Semester 2 MCQ Final than the AP Test.

ordertheory says:

I’m not even taking AP Bio and I watched the whole thing. Very interesting!!

Trix ter TM says:

Every single word coming out of his mouth is information. Time to write everything down.

megankk91 says:

wow this is GOLD for the DENTAL ADMIN TEST thank you fast talking man!

Susana Franco says:

how did you do on the test fellow sophomores?

ツシ says:

why is it in my recommended after my AS biology paper :/

N3rd says:

After taking the AP bio exam and feeling good about it, I really started to realize how good this channel and this video specifically is to learning content. I watched this video and took notes on it a month before the exam and by studying the notes and watching through the video a few more times, I knew just about all i needed for the test. This video along with channels such as Bozeman biology are what people need to see if they are struggling sith content

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