Intro to GDScript for Programming Beginners

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In this beginner tutorial for game developers, you’ll learn some essential programming concepts in GDScript, the language of the Free 2d and 3d game engine Godot.
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Godot step-by-step:
Going further with GDScript:
Making sense of the code reference:
Intro to signals:

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iVideo1011 says:

This is the best explanation and presentation of programming I have ever seen! Thanks for all of your hard work and attention to detail! This is super high quality stuff!

Axel Reyes says:

Thank you so much for making this comprehensive video.

Gaming Cappuccino Guy says:

it seems like a simpllified C#

ReloadedK says:

This was absolutely fantastic. I learned a lot from this, thanks!!

You're Perfect Studio says:

I've been trying to make a list of YT videos for total beginners and this is currently the 1ist video in the list 🙂

Arnold Vermeulen says:

Your accent fucks ups this whole tutorial

Tomogara says:

best video for bloody starters thx

Question 3v3ryth1ng says:

I am building a game on Godot right now, and I gotta say, I love that I can build how the world looks without using any coding at all. How the world behaves, now that's different. But as someone who only started learning programming a few months back, this is perfect for me. I can build the aesthetics now and worry about the mechanics as I learn more. And it's open-source and free?! I was on the edge about whether or not to make a game. I am definitely making one now. Hopefully in a year or so I can release it for cheap for people to enjoy. And if people don't enjoy it, then that just means I have more to learn. (But to be honest, it seems I will always be learning. Always new things to learn about a time goes on. And I really love that!)

Juan Cruz Noé Bernachea says:

Muchas gracias por la introducción a GDScript!!!

Dark Magician says:

How do you know what words you can use? Is there a dictionary or something

German Viktorovich says:

These interactive slides are awesome! Just wondering how it would be even more awesome — when it comes to the Web – R 100 n D 40 – huh…

And all these people – will join to the army of Python };P

LxiR Wilkiem says:

I would like to thank you sincerely for making this tutorial. It is one of the best tutorials I have watched about programming. I have been trying to dive into game making for about a decade now and always got stuck at the beginning phase where everyone assumes that you know all the basics. You gave me a powerful push in the right direction. I will look forward to your other tutorials. Any community benefits from a guy like you. Peace out.

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