Narendra Modi wins second term as India's prime minister

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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured a second five-year term in the country’s general elections. The vote was seen as a referendum on Modi, who is a Hindu nationalist. Former U.S. Ambassador to India Tim Roemer shares his insights on CBSN.

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Arjun says:

Your reporting is pathetic.

Modi's win is not just because opposition is weak. The opposition (Congress) is the most powerful party with powerful people.

The reasons to Modi's win is much deeper which your elite minds won't understand. Until you do some un baised research and fair ground work.

yogesh kumar singh says:

Hate against Muslims did not raise because of too many smartphone with 4g Internet we can see it now.

Vishwanath K R says:

Good job of hiring a Leftist Americanised Indian to make your case. But that will not affect you being exposed as biased. You guys will take the entire industry of journalism down with you. And it deserves to go down. Tim Roemer: Good job of cooling down the hatred and calming my girl down, but she is beyond repair unfortunately.

으 는 디 ᄐ ᅡアナンディタ says:

my maid who is very poor have said that Modi works for the poor unlike the previous govt….(sorry if I offended u) but she said that congress govt 60% took muslims under their minority category and would give them subsidies and poor people of other Religion (Especially Hindus and Buddhist) Hindus are considered a majority and nothing much was given to them
But under his govt all are regarded as poor no matter their Religion and caste. All poor are given good subsidies and she was saying some bank related thing(i don't remember properly about it)
So now all poor Muslims Hindus Buddhist backwards class and tribals are given equal opportunity since lats 4 years

Rohit Mittal says:

900 million voters

Yeezy says:

Congrats Modi, love from USA!

n krish says:

Yes he is Hindu nationalist and we are proud of it …suck it

gudju says:

Western governments always against any government who does not listern to them. In INDIA, uk and america historical supported corrupt congress and currently opportunist AAP. Their continuous funding to terrorists isi and military in Pakistan is great example that they don't want peace in that region. They never really cared for democracy but now trump and russia proved that Americans including any political party can be fooled too.

horse1066 says:

set fire to the mu$lim$

michael jhon says:

He is most hatred PM in the history of india he cheated on EVM indian election is not transparent

Annu Pai says:

We love Muslims so much even gave them 2 separate countries for them. you should demand the same from your countries too

rajasekar R says:

Modi just hijacked the electonic voting machies . Its that simple.

boson96 says:

I understand now why Trump always calls you 'Fake news'. Modi did amazing things during his tenure, from easing the tax code to cutting regulations to building infrastructure to national security, but all you took away was "Hindu nationalist".

hindustaniiiii says:

pisslamis are violent peole on earth,,,,pisslam is a curse on earth

SaffronSena says:

Namo tsunami congrats…India Isreal Japan Russia will rule the world

om shanti says:

U ppl think only abt yr country ..v r coming soon

J79 says:

Modi is a first-class Hindu nationalist and a bigot. If he was a westerner, he would be equivalent to a white nationalist. My country India is not so attractive anymore due to him.

Veena Bedi says:

Shame the US Ambassador did not talk about the great work done by Modi for ALL COMMUNITIES at poverty level. Trump is a non entity compared with MODI.

Abhishek kumar says:

Polarization is in your mind .go to entire India not only Hindu and even in large group of Muslim and other minority fully support Modi's Vision . Change your specs

Murali Rengarajan says:

Wait and see Trump is coming back in 2020

Apurvanand Sahay says:

As expected from Leftist media houses… Illiberals

devesh singh says:

Journalism is dead. These Western Media buffoons have zero idea and ground reality of what is going on in voters mind. IDIOTS!!!

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