Cold Turkey Nicotine Withdrawal Documented | From 6mg/ml to 0mg/ml

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Supporting Evidence for 7-13mg of Nicotine in an Average Cigarette

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In this video, I document the nicotine withdrawal by quitting vaping nicotine completely. It was a lot more easy to quit vaping than I thought it’d be but that’s subjective to me. Vaping withdrawal was a lot shorter than expected, the nicotine detox really only lasted a day. After that the vape withdrawal would come in waves but wasn’t noticable constantly. I wish I would have known I could stop vaping sooner. Stopping vaping will be a lot better for my overall health and bank account. Vape addiction isn’t worth it and I wish I would have never started. Cigarette addiction is described as more intense and I share why I think quitting cigarettes is harder towards the end of the video. If you struggle with vaping addiction and can’t stop on your own there is help out there! Quitting is possible!


Konrad Sulikowski says:

Uhm, to be fair, for me the hardest part of quitting cigarets was the habbit, and u werent breaking IT in this vid.

So now i excpect a separated video about habit breaking 😀 (no vapes at all)

Seth Gibson says:

Idk if anyone else has this problem, but when I hit 5mg nicotine over a long period of time (1 year) my sleep has gotten worse. Like I would find myself less tired late at night and it would be hard as hell to get up in the morning.

thegreendank1 says:

It's nowhere near as bad as cigarettes. I always needed cigarettes but with vaping if I forget my vape it's not nearly as big a deal.

Lil Tay says:

great video love u keeping putting out the great work!!

woodyfive0 says:

Millions have quit including me. It ain’t that fucking hard. Will power bitches, get some!

Vincent Lopresti says:

You got photos or film when you had your tuff times?

Damen Yee Yee says:

Lmao what a pussy nigha

czechking says:

try cold turkey heroin and methadone.

Zach Shelton says:

I'm 2 weeks clean and I've been watching your vids, i think the description you gave of nicotine withdrawals is amazing. You summed it up perfectly. Thanks for going through it so others might not have to.

Nathaniel the Animal says:

Your hair looks rad bro

It's Mudfish says:

I have been using 50 nic salt juice for a few years now, but the weird part is I only seem to feel addicted when I'm not doing something. I can go skiing from 8am to 4pm and not feel any effect of withdrawal from nicotine, and same when im out doing something where I cannot vape. I only feel like I need nicotine when I'm bored at my computer or intoxicated.

kevlar dream says:

50 nic or nothing

Rio Becerra says:

yeah but have you ever tried to quit cocaine lmao

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