Stars Who Have Gay Children

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A lot has changed for LGBTQ people over the last 20 or so years, and much of that has to do with greater visibility for them in the media. We’ve always tended to follow the examples of our stars, and as our celebrities have publicly embraced their LGBTQ children, it’s helped change the way society interacts with the gay community. Of course, it hasn’t always been a smooth road, but good or bad, here’s a look at some stars who have gay children…

Magic Johnson | 0:27
Belinda Carlisle | 1:47
R. Kelly | 2:32
Warren Beatty and Annette Bening | 3:00
Isiah Thomas | 3:30
Sally Field | 4:11
Cher | 4:51
Cybill Shepherd | 5:40
Ally Sheedy | 6:20

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Nicki Swift says:

Can you think of any other celebs with LGBTQ children?

Adara Yorke says:

Uh geed nasty

solt solt says:

It's 2020 and I'm not gay, questioning, bisexual, pansexual, metro sexual, just STRAIGHT, how many can still say this?

Sharika Jeter says:

You love and support your children, no matter what.

Raul Nava says:

No wicked campaign

Raul Nava says:

Luv me . To

nimra habib says:

gay ppl are worst than animals.they should be punished.its all an illumanati propganda

Wade Cahill says:

I don't understand why you'd want to be a gay advocate just because your child is gay???? What's with all the bullshit, it's so fake just like Bruce Jenner fake

Len Evans says:

Some on the gay children are waaaaay ooouut! Lol

George Gilbreath says:

These PEOPLE are possessed by evil SPIRIT attached to their SPIRIT!

Carol Crawford says:

I can see where Sally Fields and her hate for Godly people like Trump would screw up her son. Jesus cast out demons when he was here on the people who are gay. Sally Fields has lots of demons in her.

Prrrfect Minouchat says:

Let's not forget scienurologist Anne Archer and her son Tommy Davis who is as gay as the day is long!

millieo says:

Labeling is not helpful. Sally Field has a son is enough.

Danny O’Flanagan says:

Or gays who have straight parents

TraRob-EastSide says:

On the next episode….. stars with children with two arms and two legs! Cause birth defects happen! Gonna be all inclusive here

John Doe says:

Me my self if my kid came home tell he was gay i would dis own him gay mother fuck

reealitychick says:

Regardless of the choice — God loves them … not a tale or a saying to say ''who cares''' God loves them and understands and with that assured Divine spiritual knowledge… all WILL* BE well…..and Done………………

kobayaloko 02 says:

How did I got here? I have a test tomorrow

Ms Wright says:

One word, WOW!!!!

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