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Double the trouble, double the destruction…

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Hey guys, how’s it going? My name is Neil and I love anything were I get to smash, crash, explode or destroy stuff. I love playing automotive games such as BEAMNG Drive, Next Car Game Wreckfest, Burnout, Need for Speed, and many more. I try my best to upload at least once a day, sometimes two. I hope you find something here you enjoy, and I thank you for checking me out! Peace!


Neilogical says:

Wanna see more BeamNG Multiplayer? Like this video, my dudes!

IBXToyDog says:

Your comment was “ hey drae want to do some multi player pain in the A** to set up but it will be worth it ‘’

Heather Conway says:

i cant tell whos who! 🙂


Need to work in camera angle lol


Multi player has been added !!! ?

JDM4LIFE says:

How to multiplayer?

Matheus 619 X says:

Sticking with Police Chases
How about making a Police Chase in the Ski Jump Arena with those Wheel Grabbers?

Munana 2525 says:

I'm sorry when did beamng get multiplayer????

Blazing Fire Gaming says:

what map is that

chris1994 Cassidy says:

wow this looks cool hope you can do more i love bmg drive

Corey Martin says:

I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and your sound mic doesn't sound like mash potatoes. It ecos on every videos I watch because, I have my sound effects on my smartphone. Lol Also nice video now too.


It’s like we’re made out of FLEX TAPE! Lol lost it

SDustinK says:

Map link please

HetNe$$ says:

Drae has a sub, now you had a sub too!

young savage says:

I hate the camera angel

Chris Altman says:

Omg hearing both of you in the same video is crazy. I can tell the difference because i watch you both almost everyday. Keep up the great content, thank you for this video as well

gert virkunen says:

What map is this?

InsertDankMemeHere says:

Since when was multiplayer on beam?

[AGT]Xen_Jager360 says:

Well now you know what happen when you demonetized there videos…

Guido Berenstein says:

Greetings from the Netherlands

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