Inside the black hole image that made history | Sheperd Doeleman

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At the center of a galaxy more than 55 million light-years away, there’s a supermassive black hole with the mass of several billion suns. And now, for the first time ever, we can see it. Astrophysicist Sheperd Doeleman, head of the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, speaks with TED’s Chris Anderson about the iconic, first-ever image of a black hole — and the epic, worldwide effort involved in capturing it.

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Fathom L says:

"And as scientists, we naturally come together to do something like this." They are great!

DownfallGuyYT says:

black holes can't eat computers because black holes are 1 hex lighter than computers

Ayala Crescent The Shield Abode says:

Thank you so much for all you did.

Dan Shockley says:

All who believe in time as a dimension, warping of space itself, black holes, etc. are fools. The Electric Universe theory is spot on. Space is not empty. All the supposed dark matter that fantasyland cosmologist/astronomers/quantum physicists/and other quakes are looking for has been known about for over a century. Tesla, Birkeland, Alfven, and many many more real scientists know that our universe is composed of plasma where the quakes think it is some mysterious matter. The Universities should stop teaching insane Einstein theories and go with empirical evidence that most of the universe is plasma. Electrodynamics governs the Universe.

Dan Shockley says:

Not a black hole. What was found is a Plasmoid. Einstein's relativity theories are total BS.

Nigol T. says:

How exciting, we're looking at 100% certain obliteration and extinction.

RKO1988 says:

Men do the work. Shitcunt takes the credit. What else is new?

ciara gardner says:

I used to think that black holes were portals to another dimension but those that been in a black hole can’t tell us because they are on the other side so we just assume that they are dead.

Nancy King says:

This video is for intelligent people, not flatearthers!

Subz G says:

Heres Linnaeus's system of classification:
Has nothing to do with cosmology and astrophysics but just appreciate that I dedicated my time to provide you with this

Will MagicMan says:

I wonder why the guy being interviewed starts nearly every sentence with the word 'So'. I find that very strange indeed.

Austin Downing says:

Fake they just took a blurry picture of a glazed donut

eeRtL мonтag says:

Layman: What is a Black H-

Mr, Boo Boo 1972 says:

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David Salyers says:

Wow it's amazing how they can just develop a whole industry around bullshiting very very troubling

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