NYT Report On Donald Trump Taxes Begs The Question: Who Is Paying Trump? | The Last Word | MSNBC

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Susanne Craig, who broke the New York Times story on a decade of Trump tax returns, tells Lawrence O’Donnell why her findings raise more questions about where Trump’s money is coming from. David Cay Johnston and John Heilemann join.
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NYT Report On Donald Trump Taxes Begs The Question: Who Is Paying Trump? | The Last Word | MSNBC


Mike McGarrity says:

House Democrats should pass laws to disallow Tax write offs of Business Loss. When Pigs Fly!

mijodo2008 says:

Remember Ivanka Trump gave away the Family. Secret when she stated " The Appearance Of Power is more important than Power Itself" translation, "The Appearance Of Wealth is More Powerful than Wealth Itself". Trump has been carefully cultivated by the Kremlin over many years. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

Inappropriate Mushroom says:

if donald walked across the river M.S.N.B.C. would report Donald Trump can't swin….

danceswithcritters says:

No surprises here. Look at what he's done to the National Debt .

Inappropriate Mushroom says:

General Electric pays 0 taxes

tom mcfeely says:

So trumps a very rich millennial?

Goodbye USA says:

Susanne Craig should drive with the top down.

Goodbye USA says:

Knowing that Trump is a loser will take zero votes away from him because his loser supporters will just identify with a loser president even more.

Marc Goozen says:

a tax officer once said, if the taxes are exactly right, they are not.

Jason Blade says:

1% of the total loss of a year for one individual???!!!! LMAO!!!!!!! Trump is a tool!!

James Fergusson says:

Donald is addicted to OPM…Other Peoples Money.

millieo says:

"Everyone". Never his mistake. Always the blame is on situation or other, never his fault. Every lie he tells he lies the lie to himself.

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