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Hey guys!!

Thank you all so much for watching Vlog 4, sharing my past vlogs, and sending me SOOOOOO much love!

In this video I explain how my chemo pills have been treating me. I started the pills December 27, 2018 and It has just been 2 weeks. I go into it saying how I was throwing up the first few days and I eased my way into the pills.

I have been working on editing on iMovie and its difficult, but I had fun making this video with the sound effects and all the words I added into it.

Hope you enjoyed this!
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Thanks for watching
xoxo, Gabs!

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Nicolo Maimone says:

You are a beautifoul girl, i send you a friend request in facebook

Olivia Cruz says:

Hope your scan comes out great.

daily cait says:

Just wanted to say you're awesome! I just subbed! <3

joel LUCATERO says:

I wish you the best

sufferingsuckatash2 says:

Thanks for updating Gabby. You are so well spoken and beautiful. You should be public speaking in some sort of venue!

Andralina Mauwer says:

Somehow, I think you were in a class at FGCU. Check your dinner plate, that's the source that powers your system.

JoshuaJayseph says:

You dont need Chemo , nor radiation , nor pills. I promise you can heal even terminal cancer with diet and a little exercise. Please contact me for more information. I have loads of good advice and also helped cure my grandmothers cancer just through diet , she refused chemo . my snapchat is Jlap95 if interested

Ambar Rodriguez says:

Highlight is POPPIN ladies and gents. Poppin.

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