Britain's Got Talent 2019 Auditions! | WEEK 3 | Got Talent Global

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Check out week 3 of Britain’s got talent 2019!

Featuring incredible auditions from:

Gomonov Knife Show
Birmingham Community Gospel Choir
Jayson Stilwell
Margaret and Dave
Akshat Singh
Electric Rainbow
Brian Gilligan
Barbara Nice
Ursula Burns

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osamah alghryb says:

جميل جداً

BrizLionGooner says:

I know where I've seen that kid who dances and got the golden button at around 22:00 he was on Australia's version of "Little Big shots"

Rick says:

They should change the name of this show to "Britain's Got Talent, and They're all On America's Got Talent."

Norliza Abd Karim says:

Simon is brave to do that! Wow!!!

Richard Landis says:

I do not like dangerous stunts.

ismail .Channel says:

Hello my friends I ask you to support me and to participate in my channel
And thank you very much to everyone

Fajar Riyanto says:

28:00 Harry potter ?

Nicole Damron says:

Wow! The kid in the red sweats is rocking it!

Jake Terry says:

Omg Ursula Burns was hilarious. Definitely my fav

Theresa B says:

36:10 Grey’s Anatomy fans are OFFENDED

Albret Kroule says:

Don't like horror.

thirstyforlife1 says:

I love the kid from India

Rebecca M LaPointe says:

Great show, love the funny acts the guy behind stage. I think he is hysterical and just trying to ease contestants with humor. Why is everyone dissing him? He livens it up

Lorraine Pinto says:

Love Ant and Dec

Chuck-U Farly says:

A comment on the Birmingham Community Gospel Choir. I agree with Simon. They weren't really a "Gospel" choir, they were just a choir and average for the most part. Everyone sang well but there was not much life put into what they did whereas in the US Gospel Choirs really get into the spirit of the music That being said, most choirs fail to stand out because they just sing and occasionally sway and clap and that is about it. No imagination considering that they have all those people. If an orchestra had every musician playing exactly the same thing it would not sound very good. Instead they have the different musicians play different parts of the piece which together sounds awesome. I'd like to see choirs do more like that.

One that stands out to me with creativity, thinking outside the box is the Angel City Chorale group that has been on AGT.

The more people you have in a group of singers the more creativity you can do, There is more than just harmonizing they can do. I want to hear depth and creativity.

Martin Dalsgaard-Jensen says:

Does anyone know who that backstage guy is??

mieze katze says:

Amandas lips lol

Bervin Ranjith says:

Why urusula burns looks like Peggy carter to me.. is that me alone… I feel like her.. lol…

Grim Reaper says:

Sub to pewdiepie!

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