R.Kelly Walks Off HuffPost Live

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R. Kelly joined HuffPost Live, but it didn’t last long. The singer walked out of his interview with our Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.

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trenell bullock says:

Check R. Kelly featuring foxy brown called dollar bill!

Douglas Wint says:

He's very clearly a control freak. …

Manj Sher says:

Better looking than G.king just saying.

Joyce Bryant says:

Why did she want to interview what was her motive

Cathleen Luce says:

Mr….lmfao Kelly your guilty asf. U should walk off already u should keep pfitin’ kick rocks

Anemone says:

I hate R. Kelly and clearly he has a troubled history of sexual abuse allegations (to say the least…) but that interviewer has that smarmy dishonesty I hate even more. She clearly knows exactly what she's doing, we all do, he certainly does, but she pretends it's all innocent questioning. I can't stand that.

Ivor Biggan says:

massive sex pest

Robbie 87 says:

She should of literally just said “stop talking over me nonce” then let him walk out

Ali Tanko says:

R Kelly just proved he's a better person than we all thought, if it was me I would rough this bitch up. That's disrespect of the highest order, he should 've insulted her before taking off

Julia Chizor says:

I love R Kelly for this….most of the talk show hosts are very disrespectful.

Chandler Mays says:

she was way out of line the studio needs to fire her for her actions she knew she was trying to get underneath his skin

Chandler Mays says:

i would punch that bitch in the face

John Ryder says:

She’s a bitch

time bomb says:

Guilty as sin

ᴊᴇɴɴɪᴇ sʜᴀʀɪғ says:

i’m not hearing your accent, I’m hearing your inngleeshh


I'm not finna, but I'm definitely gonna.

Richard Gibbs says:

"You don't have to comment on my appearance"… How typical of a feminist piece of crap. Get over yourself. He was being polite.

Eric Blade says:

So lemme get this straight. It's okay when Gene Simmons, Jimmy Page, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, Bill Wyman etc. do it, it's all okay when they do it but when R. Kelly sleeps with loads of women, then it's not okay. Sure, cool

Joel Girard says:

im not tryin to be rude but hey pretty girl i"m feelin you

varsitytitan07 says:

R. Kelly made the interviewer look silly in this honestly

MsLRoscoe 2 says:

Good for him! She definitely had the right man…but the wrong plan! Nothing about her line of questioning was positive or about his music. She needed to be checked and so she got what she deserved! And he did so without disrespecting her!

M Ali says:

So he's offended by pretty young lady asking questions instead of taking his commands/orders!!! Proves the point

Norma Colon says:

tu. Thank him, he didnt answer. Wht thank the dumb shit, that supposedly cant read or write but sure is rude. That how he treats all women, like he is a god.

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