48 Things Women Hear In A Lifetime (That Men Just Don't)

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Watch 80 years of subtle sexism in under two minutes.
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Scripted and directed by Jessica Samakow
Produced by Jessica Samakow and Oliver Noble
Filmed and edited by Oliver Noble

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Racoony Septiceye says:

This should be 48 true things that girls dont believe

Most of them are true

Muzaffar Rafiq says:

Ok if we men were allowed to do such sexism even in return women would go crazy (some very few women amomg them would be already mad at feminism and consider it sexist)

IronicIconicAtomicLettuce says:

Gee, it's not like I'm a 15 year old male and I hear most of these and worst

Filippo Tommaso Marinetti says:

I have one for women:
"grow some ovaries and woman up!"

cometsandclubsoda says:

the misogyny in the comments section is terrifying. i can't believe this is the world we live in.

Madiplays1000 says:

I don't understand how there are more dislikes than likes on this video, PS I love My grandparents and they aged so well, pro tip: always compliments everyone instead of bring them down with hate, especially grandparents they deserve it.

TrytoFindme says:

What a bunch of retarded shits getting fed PC culture early on.

Sorry it’s funny.

notok says:

“Your so pretty”

Ben Mathewson says:

Most of these statements that could be construed as sexist, could be answered by saying 'I make my own decisions in life'. You know, like adults…

Thee Strad says:

Most of those things women say to women and about women 😀 What do men has to do with that? Would anyone care to do the same kind of video about men's issues? There are plenty as well!!! :DDD

seventhz777z says:

News flash! Men and women are different. Im sure men can come up for comments that they get that women generally dont, too. This is Just more women complaining that they experience "difficulty" and "insensitive" comments (generally from other women) in life as if they expect everyone to be shocked or care.
Here's one that im sure women never hear that men do,
"You should consider yourself lucky that your teacher raped you in middle school" or
"Sir, you're not allowed to sit next to a minor on a plane"
"I don't date broke men"
"You cannot afford me"
"You have no rights as the father"
"Sorry, we dont accept men in our shelters"
"There's no funding for colon cancer"
"You're masculinity is toxic"
"Boys are just defective girls"
"We wont hire you because you're a white male. We have to meet our quotas"
"You're not a real man"
Oh the list could go on

Diabolik Pencil says:

I just want to know why everyone is so mad…this are things that are actually said and they weren’t being angry or yelling I had to hear the dresscode one just yesterday when a friend wore a tank top they’re just saying what they had to hear as they grew up what’s so bad about it?

Nikitha dantuluri says:

I dont know why this video has so much hate but yall need to shut your fuckin misogynist asses up. These are all sexist comments whether you agree or not. Even the 'nice' comments that you guys were confused about. It's called benevolent sexism which appears as compliments but originates from the idea that women are less capable and worthy than men. It is still sexism regardless of whether you feel it is hurtful or not. Get your facts straight. This is coming from a women and gender studies minor. Also, not all of these comments make us go cry. However, they are all comments that put us apart from men and some of them are even trying to blame rape on the victim so you have no right to say 'this isnt even offensive'. Cuz that's your opinion and someone else might feel awfully hurt, especially an actual sexual assault victim.
Please think before you say something.

Rayed says:

“You look so pretty”

Bob Sponge says:

So after watching this ,what I learned is not to talk to,look at,initiate contact with women. And better of just go full cuck mode or die

chapachuu says:


Fractal Image says:

I have heard most of these being a guy

Actual gaming channel without the gaming says:

Shut up please.

DimDim says:

how is saying “you look so pretty” sexist? wtf

St. Helena says:

Check out these comments.

1/2 savage says:

Rename this video :what women say to other women…..pack it up guys nothing for us to see here

Caroline Rushmer says:

Half of these I hear a lot and I’m a boy ._.

John Connor says:

The video is literally about things that mostly females hear that males DON'T. THEN LOOKING AT THE COMMENTS. Suddenly there's a flood of comments by males being angry and there comments are all based on some political agenda about women AND to be honest, alot of those male hate comments literally makes them sound like they hate females. Like, is those females hurting you? Did they hurt your manly pride? Well, you know what. There's something called being a decent human being and understanding the perspective of how a female might feel. it's called RESPECT and EMPATHY im a male myself too and you dont see me complaining about some political female agenda. its cause i know the video is based from the perspective of a female so I gotta respect it. ALSO, most of the hateful comments by males tell me that they never been taught much manners in life or have any signs of empathy. So in conclusion. Some of the males in here don't know how to handle a simple video without their pride being hurt or knowing how to be respectful. like forreal, you knew what you were coming to watch when you read the title. why are you so upset at such a little thing. it's not like your gonna hear those words in the video be said to you like how those females hear regularly sometimes.

Mr.Krabs is not real and cannot hurt me says:

No one gives a shit

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