Imperator Tutorial – Economy & Trade – pt 4

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Master economy, trade and the various trade goods in Imperator: Rome.

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DrinkEnemyBlood says:

Thank god for these tutorials lol

Michael Bay says:

incomplete game, with eu4 base lvl mechanics. Its insane

Høgni Sólsker says:

Awesome tutorial very helpful INDEED

BumOn TheCorner says:

I feel they need 5 level of varied funding under the economy screens options 3 is not enough. I mean look at army maintenance. In the middle you get no bonus and no negatives, however toggling the lowest option give you a -%80 moral %80!!!! We need 5 option. 2 for high funding 1 for balanced funding and 2 for low funding. So the lowest would still give -%80, but the one right above it gives you a -%40 the one above that would be the balance the next one up would give +%25 morale and the top level of spending +%50 morale

kolangiet1 says:

This guy makes me want to buy the game.

Dropkick Chainsaw says:

How to get more trade routes? Ive conquered all of crete but have only 1 trade route

Stefan Polic says:

can someone explain how exporting wheat increases manpower WHEN IT IS BEING EXPORTED?

belzibub tom says:

Why on earth would exporting goods give you bonuses for those goods you no longer have?

Anthony Simmons says:


AmbientLight says:

There was no Palestine around 500 BC. But there were Philistines, but I see where you are going with this trying to rewrite the history….

GRoss says:

Watching this on the way home from work. Game already downloaded this morning. Very excited to get home and fire it up!

Really good idea making these tutorials! Thanks!

Darth Sanguine says:

Why can no-one pronounce Imperator correctly? It's im-PER-a-tor, not im-per-AH-tor.

Leonardo HoppleScoth says:



what did it cost ? it cost everything, from infinity wars

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