3B LASER NEEDLE — the modern form of laser needle therapy

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Laser needle therapy combines knowledge from acupuncture and laser physics with an integrated medical approach. All of this works totally pain-free. In comparison with drugs – no undesirable side-effects are known.

Up to 12 laser needles are used to ensure that the treatment produces the most successful result. The treatment is controlled with a mobile touch screen.

3B LASER NEEDLE therapy is used in acupuncture, orthopaedics and sports medicine. Laser photons can also produce their healing effect on rheumatic and neurological diseases, and can be used in general medicine, ENT, dermatology (e.g. with wound healing disorders) and in paediatrics; this pain-free treatment is especially beneficial for children.

3B Scientific GmbH (Hamburg) sells 3B LASER NEEDLE products exclusively throughout the world. If you would like more information visit our website at www.3b-laser.com


Luis najera magallanes says:

me interesa comprar un equipo pero en la pagina web no contestan los correos que les e enviado

Roger Kreil says:

It is amazing what a mild laser can do!  😀

Another Idea To Entertain says:

Does anyone in Austin TX USA practice this method? Where is the closest location if not Austin?
Kind regards.

Angel Emilio Orellana Correa says:

como adquirir este equipo, donde lo venden y cual es el valor

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