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A documentary by Eric Merola

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Stem Cell research and therapy have been growing at a rapid rate over the past fifteen years. Scientific advances coupled with consumer demand have proven that stem cell therapy is the wave of the future, and is poised to change the face of medicine.

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The God Cells: A Fetal Stem Cell Journey says:

Guys, @
Reel Truth Science Documentaries
This is illegally posted/uploaded. I have to file a copyright complaint/takedown. Same with "Burzynski: Cancer Cure Cover Up". It's under rights agreement with distributors.

davkarshobby2468 says:

At the most this is 50% documentary and the rest is pure hype – the kind of hype the FDA is maybe protecting us from. The shysters behind this don't seem to realize that most people when presented with this much self serving product promotion, smell a rat and are turned off what might be valid research and benefits. Cure Michael J Fox of Parkinsons and perhaps I will reconsider.

Judith * says:

Worst advertising type of so-called documentary I've seen in years. I'm not even opposed to using fetal stem cells, but this is like "oh well, let's just brag about the benefits of being rich and thus able to afford the best treatment". Disgusting. Not even asking why the child has been aborted… because maybe the answer would be that the couple just could not afford having another baby. Also, might lead to women selling their unborn children to clinics… so imho going abroad to get the treatment sounds like a bad decision.

Jay Gulko says:

I was born 3 months premature and my sister 4 months. We are both in our 60's.

My Muzzer says:

This is why Democrats want full term abortions. Baby harvesting facilities

LordSlag says:

A fetus isn't a human. Just like an egg is not a bird, a seed is not a tree, a sandwich is not poop. You acknowledge in every situation that potentiality isn't actuality, except where your dumb superstitions are concerned. Stop hating America by actually acknowledging the separation of church and state and stop legislating your ignorant beliefs on others.

TheSinglePlayer says:

What the… I never subscribed to this channel, how did this get in my subbox???

Socialus says:

It's also up to each person to choose.

Paul Bradford says:

1:29 If you’re going to have an abortion … don’t

2:10 “Aside from the fierce resistance to this practice based on religious beliefs…”

Ummmm… Please don’t forget the resistance of people who believe in right and wrong, aside from personal religious convictions or non-convictions.

2:47 “The pharmaceutical companies don’t make their money on well people, they make it on sick people.”

And fetal stem cell research advances on the corpses of dead people.

7:00 Thanks for explaining the difference between embryonic, fetal, umbilical cord and adult stem cells.

Fetal stem cells are controversial, and so are embryonic stem cells.

7:48 Just looking at Brandon makes my heart go out to him. I’m a parent, I know what it is to worry about a child. I’m a human being, I care about sickness and suffering. How could I not?

Bottom line is that if you want to tempt me to support unethical, cruel, murderous behavior — your best way to do that is to persuade me that killing one person will alleviate another person’s suffering.

Maybe if you get me to think only about the release of Brandon’s suffering, I will forget entirely about the person who was destroyed in order to make that happen.

Isn’t it awful when you realize how often morality stands in the way of happiness. Wouldn’t it be great if we never had to be moral if sacrifice is required?

13:5717:30 Very good explanation of the science of stem cells. Well presented and easy to understand. Good job.

17:35 “Deciphering fact from fiction in the media is near impossible because interest groups will only defend stem cell types that fit within their agenda”

Maybe it’s that, or maybe it’s because, sadly, some people lie or distort the truth in order to make their point. Propping up a solid conclusion with faulty arguments and false evidence just makes the people who promote faulty conclusions seem credible.

Also, just for my own enlightenment, are you a part of a special interest group if your “agenda” is to promote ethical behavior and diminish unethical behavior?

26:25 You bring up a very good point about CERM. They’re ability to advance with their research is hampered by restrictive government regulations. A large reason for those restrictions is that some Americans strenuously object to the idea that it’s ok to do evil things if those evil things have good results.

Another reason, as you point out, is that Big Pharma also benefits by those restrictions. So, for very different reasons, folks that oppose research that requires abortion on moral grounds find themselves on the same side of a controversial issue as greedy corporations who oppose that research on corrupt, even sociopathic grounds.

41:14 I never heard of Ankylosing Spondylitis before. Sounds so dreadful! Ghastly, really. It makes me reflect on how fortunate I am to be healthy and how unfortunate Dani (and so many others) are to suffer so much. I’m particularly affected by the love and tenderness of Dani’s mother. A mother’s love, certainly. What parent would want their child to suffer?

As I keep saying, the dilemma is whether to sacrifice something important and meaningful (like Dani’s health) in order to stop an utterly immoral, truly anti-human practice.

If Dani doesn’t get stem cells, we’re going to have to find some other way to help her get better. That’s going to be very hard. Maybe impossible. I can see why some people would overlook the evil of abortion in order to seize the benefits of fetal stem cell treatment.

There are so many tempting reasons to excuse abortion!!

43:35 Well played! Jan Goode is so likeable, so devout, so open and kind. I wouldn’t want to pit myself against her on a matter of morality.

It’s nice to hear more from the person I met at the beginning of this video. (1:29)

48:30. Mariah shot and killed??!! I can’t say I saw that coming.

There are things that happen in this world that are so abominable that it gets hard to even see the point of keeping on. Honestly! That’s how I feel some times.

This detail is irrelevant to your argument, one way or another, other than to remind us all how precious life is — and how little respect some people have for life.

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