Last Kilometer – La Flèche Wallonne 2019

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The city of Ans was used to welcoming the champions at the end of La Doyenne, in 2019 it will host the start of the 83rd edition of the Flèche Wallonne, a 195.5-km challenge leading to the legendary battle up the Mur de Huy. The stars lining up to succeed Julian Alaphilippe will first tackle the Côte des Forges, a classic from Liège-Bastogne-Liège, before entering the final circuit. They will then face three ascents of the Côte d’Ereffe, the Côte de Cherave and the Mur de Huy.

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Argo men says:

Impresionante final. Muy parejo y fulgsang llevando al limite a alaphilip

Bike Adventure says:

Where's Sagan?

Eduardo Marcos Fernandez says:

Alaphilippe le ha cerrado contra la valla

Moncef93 says:

LMAOOOO Haters gonna hate.

If you have only watched the front view, you should have a go at the helicopter view.
It clearly shows that the little wave didn't have any relevant consequences and didn't impede Fuglsang. He didn't complain AT ALL about it.
Astana didn't appeal the "incident", and it says a lot when you know the tension and the anger between those two teams after the Amstel fiasco.

I hope Alaphilippe never stops winning tho, the salt is so tasty I enjoy it.

leon darcy says:

Alaphilippe ferme la porte à Fuglsang sur le final, au moment que celui-ci semble relancer, c'est limite !

FMRM Rodeberg138 says:

Toujours le même scénario tous les ans ! Ça se termine par une course de côte entre les favoris ! Dommage !

Paul Bruining says:

Bullshit blocking tactics not to mention that dude must have some good drugs right now to chase back from a flat with 40K to go and still do that!!! I call bullshit all around!!!!

DolleHengst says:

So Steve Bauer is still a pro cyclist?!

Simon Pierre De Groote says:

Fuguelsang should accept his sorts Sunday

Danny Danny says:

That was blatant ,,he seen him coming through his arms when his head was down and cut him right the fook off,,,he did the same thing after he sucked his wheel and passed him cutting him off the first time ( you missed that didnt you),,,,,,,,,typical french shit,,without that "move" he comes second

Jean michel Forfaiture says:

Il a vraiment des faux airs de bettini sur le vélo trouvez pas?

lee a dorney says:

That bastard cheat Allaphillipe

Evandro Oliveira de Medeiros Medeiros says:

Bravo Alaphilipe.

dennys ranamax says:


moinhos51 says:

Bravo champion

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