Al Gore – Former United States Congressman, Senator, & 45th Vice President | Mini Bio | Biography

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Al Gore’s political life – he served as a congressman, senator, and U.S. vice president – later allowed him a platform from which to educate the public about global warming. Learn more in this mini biography. #Biography
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Al Gore – Former United States Congressman, Senator, & 45th Vice President | Mini Bio | Biography


malibulx1 says:

al gore streamlined the govt!! Are these aholes crazy????

malibulx1 says:

al gore is genuinely concerned about the environment!! ha ha ha BS BS BS BS!!

Brian Orr says:

@3:35 What!? Why would he divorce his wife of it seems 30+ years and had 4 children with? Man, divorce is extremely common and that's so sad 🙁

zepbigfoot bearcove says:

Bankster puppet and looney green tune

Marcos Pagan says:

Al gore hes not going to run president not again

dzoni43 says:

If you ask me President George Bush vs President Bill Clinton – I would say Bush. But if you ask me Vice President Al Gore vs President George W. Bush – I would say Gore.

Michael Nelson says:

glad he lost…


Manbearpig 2k16

Christian Rodriguez says:

only if Florida went for gore thanks bush

Dax Ware says:

Al gore should of won

Garrett Bailey says:

He would've made America even more healthier, thank you electoral college for giving us, A REPUBLICAN

John Graves says:

Good he lost

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