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In 2009 we had the huge H1N1 pandemic (swine flu). The CDC made some very strong recommendations to treat flu with Oseltamivir based on literature published by Big Pharma on the benefits of this medication.
However, this company only published 20 of the 107 randomized trials they had testing the efficacy of this medication. They did NOT publish the 50 very negative studies.

If you do NOT have PCR testing (which takes like 3 hours to result), then you should NOT even test for the flu. Because ELISA testing is only 50-70% sensitive, that means it is not much better than flipping a coin and calling it heads or tails!

Treatment of the flu with OSELTAMIVIR costs on average $100 and it only decreases the duration of illness by 16 hours. It does NOT decrease the chances of hospitalization, multiorgan failure, or death.

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Taskiya Tabassum official says:

..Dear Sir, I am a Bangladeshi, I understand that I am infected with Influenza virus?

And with its treatment medicine, please name me, please.

Rhonda Chapman says:

Teachers, educational assistants etc who work with younger children should also be added to the list. Sick kids are always being sent to school and they are still learning, or forget, good hygiene practices.

Karen LoBosco says:

wow. Finally REAL information. Please add those who serve the public to your list of those who come in contact with sick people. Anyone who works behind a counter can have hand to hand contact with a hundred people daily.

Glenys Thomson says:

As a older retired nurse, I admit to being a hand washer. I too use had sanitizers, but I think too many people depend on them. For me they are just backups. Mind you I may be behind the times. Comment doctor please.

Stephanie Kelly says:

My apologies Doctor! Risk of influenza infection/contamination. ☺️

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