Your Defining Moment

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Today I talk about the moment you decided to start your weight loss Journey.

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KCallaAK says:

Oh Dotti, my defining moment (even though I started going to DWLZ in 2000) was in Dec 2008 when I couldn't take the 6 flights of stairs up in the building my husband had just built, because of my knees. I went on WWers then. THANKS to the accountability and journaling I did in YOUR website message board, I have maintained my weight within 8 lbs for TEN years. AND my latest defining moment was 2 years ago when I learned I was going to be a grandma! And oh my goodness… at 63, and bad knees, I still struggle getting up and down many times a day! But we can DO it! Love you and Mr. A SOOO much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll actually be in Spokane, May 17th… taking a flight back to AK after spending a few days with my kids at an alpaca farm in Coeur d'alene! Wish I could see you but it will be a "make it to the airport in time" kinda day. HUGS

INTJ Island says:

Yay, Dotti! You are doing awesome!

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