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In this video, I am going to take you on a model home tour. Last year, I was asked to decorate a model home from top to bottom. The Jones Company located in Franklin, Tennesse came to see me at our store in early February. We signed onto the job. There were a lot of bumps along the way, but we got the job done. When I am decorating a home, I love to pull in different unique DIY projects, as well as old unique decor I find at the Nashville flea market. Hope you enjoy this video!

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Janett Leyva says:

What do you use to hang your art work and not leave holes ? I know it's a model home so would like to know.

w p says:

살림을참 야무지게하네요

Dianne Hasse says:

I stumbled onto your page and started watching your video and I thought, I really like her and her style. Then I saw your dogs and I thought I LOVE this lady! I have two dachshunds myself. A black and cream longhair and a red smooth. Only breed I have ever owned. They are so cute and sassy.

silvia thomas says:

I think the art work in between the guitars was used for advertising. I believe it was to advertise the new "radio"? made by the company His Masters Voice. My grandma is Sydney Australia had an old radio with that symbol on the side . I think it was the radio or record player. Maybe this helps.I just looked this up as I was curious also. the company was British.This symbol was also made into an award and given to music artists when selling more than 100.000 records by the company EMI.

Kelly V. says:

YouTube suggested your channel to me and it's already become my very favorite! I've been watching all of your past videos as I have time 🙂

Elisa Ekstrom- McKnight says:

I LOVE the office could you please tell us the paint color on the walls?

Junette S. says:

Man, that was fabulous! Thank you for sharing with us!

Anna Wnuk says:

The decor is beautiful but I think that there are two ubiquitous design ideas that need to die: the couch/bench at the end of the bed; and. The TV over the fireplace mantle. Who came up with these ideas should be banished from interior design.

chinkyeyeznyc says:

What color is the blue 14.37

Mary Lou Mulloy says:

Absolutely inspirational………..I love this and your taste is exquisite!
Loved my view, thank you for sharing!
Be blessed!

Elo Elo says:

I loved the youth bedframe. Do you know where it is from?

Sima Islamia says:

Only thing I didnt find okay is the should be at eye level.

enlightenment E says:

wow!!!!great inspo!!!<3<3<3

Debbie Bell says:

Very nice job!

burney6211 says:

My favorite room? Definitely the walk-in closet with the trick "no-show" overhead lighting! lol

Jeanne Brinkman says:

Awesome decor!!! The master bedroom was my favorite of favorites ❣️

Sheila Mashburn says:

Stunning! And beautiful Decour

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